Rambling 😩Injury

I have only been rambling for a few days and already I am struggling to reach peak fitness. Perhaps I have overdone it walking to the pub.  Now I have got a pain in my leg.   Somebody suggested it might be a shin splint.

I didn’t know what that was, so I thought I would try the latest NHS diagnostic technique.  I Googled it and Google led me to a world renowned medical authority— the Mayo Clinic.   No delays, no waiting for hours on trolleys, no catching other patients’ infections while you wait.    I didn’t even need to speak to a doctor.   Just a tap on the iPad and up pops the answer.   Google thinks I have got Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome.

I am in good company because it affects runners, dancers and military recruits.   Mind you I am a bit too old to join the army, unless they would give me a desk job firing missiles or spying on enemy positions using drones.    Nor have I caught up with Mo Farah when I have been out walking, of course he is a little bit faster than me.    So I can only conclude I must have injured myself while I was watching Strictly Come Dancing on the tele.  Maybe I could sue the BBC for consequential damage.  I will have to speak to my – “No Win, No Fee” lawyer about it.

The website did offer two bits of useful advice.   Firstly, consider buying new walking shoes every 350 to 500 miles —- so I should need a new pair by about 2027.    Secondly, get plenty of bed rest—- so I have told my wife Mo, I will only get out of bed every other day for a few months.

Finally, if, I really still want to see a doctor, the website offered me an appointment.     Sadly, Arizona, Minnesota and Florida all seemed a bit too far away, especially with my poorly leg.

Still, virtual-do-it -yourself health services may take a lot of pressure off the NHS and thanks to Google there is one less hospital bed taken up by an older person.   I could have been in there for days with MTSS.

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3 Responses to Rambling 😩Injury

  1. Mo Graham says:

    Funny how your poorly leg didn’t stop you driving your car to Leicester and climbing all those steps to reach your Season Seat to watch The Tigers’ rugby match yesterday John. Did you experience a miraculous ‘temporary’ cure for just one afternoon?😘

  2. david w freeman says:

    I note the leg higher than the brain, all the blood rushing to the head, while you swig that cuppa. I agree with MO? and ask the question; are you that Man she married?
    Your jaw should be in a sling young man (old fella?), are you getting the love and attention you believe you deserve from either or both the politicians and the NHS?
    You obviously enjoy the web, and the enuendo’s you can pull from the ”Hat’ as too how the great british estabishment could look after the 70+’s::: By the way do you have a bone in the leg? I do but i need to exercise it regularly, together with my brain and jaw? I find waliking to find my laptop computer on a daily basis, and then reading your blogs, and trying to scribe in response challenging? I may talk or write sense;However you and your readers may call it ”NONESENCE”? Never mind one day I will go to hell in a hand cart, singing some scouting song, with Molly chanting in the back groung ‘umpah, umpah, stick up your jumper???
    John I feel lonely! do you still love me??? Regards David

  3. iglengel says:

    Love your wit and enjoy reading your posts.

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