Rugby Balls Up🏉🏉

This post follows my earlier post about the impact of Coronavirus on the Rugby world and my once excellent all winning team  Leicester Tigers.

They have not been playing well all season  ,,,,  dropping the 🏉 …… not catching the 🏉 …… missing tackles …. missing through injury …. missing through endless International matches.    It’s not been a good season so far☹️       I think the players might have had Coronavirus for some time, possibly for several seasons !

The old buffers at the Rugby Football Union have called a “temporary” halt to the season which could last until April.    No mention of wether they ment April 2020 or April 2021 or just sometime in the distant future.      They have sent our International players back.       Unfortunately half of them are injured and the other half have to go into quarantine ☹️

That’s the bad news, but, there is some good news to brighten up the loyal fans.    Our excellent ever optimistic coach, Jordan Murphy has been thinking out of the box to come up with a recovery plan.     He has recruited some new players from South Africa and New Zealand where Coronavirus hasn’t taken hold yet.    He has just got to figure out how to get them over here now there are no plane flights.  Rumour has is he is also looking at China, so we can get a few more players with unpronounceable names into the starting line up 🤡

Jordan is adamant that next weeks game against top of the table Exeter Chiefs will still go ahead.     “If Exeter don’t turn up we should win and get a bonus point ! ” said Jordan in a rousing team talk to each player individually, now that they are not allowed to gather in groups.       They also haven’t been able to train together because of the Governments new rules on social distancing.

Ticket sales will have to be limited to FOUR.    One in each stand and all will have to ware the new Tiger Onesie protective gear which can be purchased in the club shop for only  £150 plus VAT.     Masks are extra.


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6 Responses to Rugby Balls Up🏉🏉

  1. I thought ‘TIGERS’ were able to eat their young, you dear sir are an old joint of meat, left on the ‘SLAB’? or is that in the ‘Stand’ or our you that well thought off? ‘THE GRAND STAND’??? Ha! Ha1 enjoy your dreams and drink a drink to all that is good, and what you may wish to remember, and do not FORGET MO! that Rugby Grass widow!!! Give her a kiss: YOU old ‘TIGER’ Or should I say beast Of Passion? It is Mothers DAY, and Her day, Not your moans about Rugby BALLS and all those things men do, grovelling in the ‘MUD’?
    Cheers Slagevar!!! You old TART, but great to indulge in, and taste your wit?

  2. Pills and great balls of fire!!!
    Your piece John ‘’Rugby Balls’’, takes in my mind gently back to my family life and school days: So here is a narrative of utter tripe for your edification? And I trust amusement.
    First of all in Leeds district of Aireborough, I went to the local council schools primary and secondary Modern. WE did not play ‘Rugby’ only the game of football, I never made the school team, however due to my size I was posted as a full back in the school house team, as I could ‘boot’ the ball; not with direction, but up the field, to any body who next wished to play with the ball. The football teacher/coach was ‘Harry Sammy’ to us all, and his son Rodger attended the school, and the was awarded his 11+ to the local ‘Grammer’ The school house teams for both sport and academic attainment were named after well known ‘Yorkshire Person’s – Bronte Blue after the writers Bronte Sisters; Yellow Cook after the Yorkshire Sea captain and explorer Captain Cook; Verity after the famous Yorkshire Cricketer -Green- { His sister actually taught at the school, and for a year was in her class}- Headly Verity actually played and started his cricketing days at the local Rawdon Cricket Club, then my House RED PRIESTLY the Bradford Scientist/Physicist. My sincerest friend then and now was known to me and my family as ‘FANNY BAGWASH’, no reason, or rhyme, and he played both football and cricket {Left hander] for the school, and his school house team.
    One of our other mates was Duncan, with whom I joined in the wolf cubs and scouts packs and troops, until my apprenticeship took me away from Home to the NE Coast {Middlebrough and Tyneside}.
    My school until 13+ was called Rawdon Littlemoor, and as Dad went in his day to the family School Merchant Taylors in Crosby, and Mum to a Convent in Hammersmith, He Called my school Rawdon Littlemoor [RL] the ‘RAGGED Lads’’- the local council kids?
    At 13+ I went with Fanny and 14 other friends from RL {girls and boys the West Riding was co=educational} to Harry Smith Tripe shop? ‘Harrogate secondary Technical school’. Until 15/16 GCE year when we were kicked out into the working world. Here I come again to football/soccer and again I once played for the school team, but basically for the House team, again RED Faraday a yorkshire Scientist, the other teams colours were blue- Lister the doctor, and Green [The name escapes me for the moment]. My form teacher in the second year was ‘FRED’ who was also our house and school football team coach, and he all ways referred to the ‘FOOTBALL’ as the ‘PILL’ and would often be heard to much sniggering amongst us boys, as saying ‘ pass the pill BOY’.
    Again because of my size I was ungainly on the sports field but loved long distance running, but as for team sports, I only played rugby, during 6 months of my apprenticeship at South Shields Marine TECH, and that was in the second row, so my rugby days are very numbered, but enjoyed non the less.
    It has been a story of ‘’all balls’’ football, cricket and rugby???

  3. The Green House team. at My harrogate secondary Technical school was called ”WREN” after Sir Christopher Wren the Architect.
    We because of school overall size and numbers of pupils only had 3 school house teams..

  4. now you readers and mighty John, I talk to you and babble on my laptop:: a question for you are you six feet away from me, are you next door, or are you a finger distance from me? 2 metres away, all at a distance of a light year? But have I forgotten you? Have you forgotten me, It is all in the ‘ETHER’, or another world, where you my find me, or my comments? Please talk and rabbit on, ‘chew the cud’? or sit on the ;throne’ and contemplate ones navel.
    Bah! Humbug!! I know i must self isolate, and so must we all? I look forward to an uncertain future, where we can all talk and converse face to face again, and we can read and see each others ‘UNGLY MUSH’.
    BYE arivior Tat tatar for now.?? Good luck

  5. hello! good morning to you all. yesterday during ‘lockdown/self isolation’ I went for a stroll around our/my retirement village grounds, the sun was shining the daffs were out in all their glory, and on my return to the sanctuary of the main entrance, I miss placed my footing, and went ‘BASE OVER APEX’: NO immediate breaks or cuts, just bruises to the forearm and wrists. I was with Molly, lots of concern, names like silly old fool/ Pick your feet up, and look where you are walking and other well wishes passed by my ears and hearing aids? Compassion, and passion was a different world?
    Things that happen in a instant when one becomes older and one does not concentrate in the act or activity at hand?

  6. I just wonder what the committee in the ”LAST LAUGH LOONIE Party” are considering today Friday 27th. March 2020.
    WE have facts such as BODJ has been confirmed as having the virus, and we are implored to self isolate and yet have fun? the Industrial UK is busy shutting down, and then the need for the carers in the Coronia Virus care centres and hospitals are essential: however they and their families are open to the effects of the virus, and too take advice to self isolate.
    THE NHS and the food chain and retail supermarkets are according to the media working well. For food supply and retail: do we need rationing from a point of guarantee of supply, and not just output without alleged control.
    The advice to all as far as I interpret is till slightly confusing, the only central message is ‘SELF ISOLATE’and for an unknown period but at least 12 weeks.
    One off the more interesting aspects of the NO. 10 and BBC daily bulletins is that the virus will be an enemy for the future also–Next winter 2020/2021 was mentioned.
    I just ask the LLLP any views it is all slightly confusing, and we only have a limited medical trained support staff within the UK- I assume the main message is to be compassionate and support each other whether professional trained, or just a volunteer-maybe untrained.

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