Rugby Inovation 🏉🏉🏉

In the Coronavirus lockdown period for all sports Leicester Tigers are once again leading the way forward.
In my first blog on this subject “ Rugby Balls 🏉”.   I wrote about how the Old Farts at the RFU had proposed changing some of the rules to accommodate the Governments requirement for social distancing.

This was followed by “ Rugby Balls 🏉🏉” which showed how our creative coaching team could lift us from the bottom of the league back up to our rightful position challenging for honours in Europe.    Albeit this may not be this year☹️

Now in these desperate times for sport, British technology is coming to the rescue. A technology company in London called “Sportable” has been trialing  a new smart rugby ball with a computer chip which could be a game-changer.     Importantly, it is being tested at LEISTER TIGERS, so we will have the advantage of a head start.
The all-knowing chip can track the ball position, spin rate, direction of travel, altitude, air pressure and temperature …. and probably the time of day as well as keep score.
The pedestrian Rugby Football Union and their coach, Eddie Bones,  think the new smart ball can be used to transmit to referees when the ball is passed forward,  ….  or knocked on ….. or not thrown straight in the line-out ….. or properly touched down for a try.      Admittedly this would save at least half the game time,  while the officials  spend endless minutes looking at TV replays.

However, the Tigers head coach, Jordan Murphy, has an even better plan.   He and his eleven or so other assistant coaches, who all have spent hours playing  games on computers, have hacked into the smart ball  programme.    They have reprogrammed the chip to show that Leicester Tigers players never throw the ball forward. …  never ever knock it on …. always throw it straight in the line out ….and without fail touch down trys .     As an added advantage the ball has been programmed to swerve away from the posts should the opposition manage to convert a try .

Thanks to Jordan, “ Next season should be a game changer!”

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8 Responses to Rugby Inovation 🏉🏉🏉

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Now then you oldies at the ‘TIGERS’ den in Leicester, you make me cry? with tears and anger? Where is the trust in an unbiased referees decision? Have you lost faith in the neutral and fairness of a refs whistle, or is it all in the ‘wind’?
    Do the RFU now appoint refs who only declare winning results from clubs were the committee deem them to be worthy of top spot. You need to join the ‘Fairies’ of Rugby League and be men-barbarians[Bar bars}, not the gentlemen you all allege to be alienating those who are not fit to join the gentlemen s association of ‘Rugby Union’? You are all talking through your posterior, and passing wind, never mind the ball.
    A mere technical question for you with a ball that has a chip within? What is the central position of the chip, when is it 51% over the line,[ fit to give a decision], or out of play, is in in its girth or length, who has that decision?- I respectfully note it may be the money men or the bookies- The game gentlemen alas is becoming corrupt, and not a straightforward, of, pass, kick and dash, ending up with a dive over the line? Its all a scrum, and what is more it is all ‘BALLS’, Money has destroyed the ‘ethos’ of a gentlemen s public school sport? But then Public schools were supported by money.
    An uttering by a football fairy!!!

  2. How about a ”comic” or 2. Beano, Dandy. for a quick smile, or for edification the ‘Eagle’ with its centre pull outs, or for the laddies the ‘Girl’ and all those stories of heroism, for this subject the boys had to read ‘Roy of the rovers’ in BOYS OWN, and then if one wishes a quick smile, and a erudite tale from Literature, one could read the ‘TOPPER back page’?
    Mum and dad with us 4 kids, had quite a newspaper bill, what with the telegraph [business pages- financial times] and a rag the daily express for mum, and then us kids and the comics, until we all left home. The Christmas book presents were easy, we all requested an annual of our favourite comic:: But hey! in those days we did not have the ”web leadr of blogs” dear John and his smiles and Grumbles, only a nail in the nettie, on which to hang our as read pages???? He1 He!! it is all rubbish,

  3. Atrancedreams
    With the current government policy of ‘Self Isolation’ one is left looking in the mirror, at ones self, or looking out of the window(s) at the surrounds, and if one cannot see an image or vision, one is left dreaming through one’s mind’s eye: I respectfully ask what is your mind reading, a real vision or a mystical dream with some visions of the future or the past?
    MY FIRST DREAMS PERSONALLY, are those activated by the tales and yarns spun by my parents and teachers from the pages of the books they read to me. The first were the various nursery rhymes, that are in english folklore, and family members such as grand parents, and mothers/fathers, and in some cases Uncle and Aunts. What you may know or recite maybe in your memory, but not mine, or visa versa? I was a bright lad at 8 years old I won a school prize for achievement, and was awarded a book on prize day, titled ‘CALL OF THE WILD’ A tale of frontier life in Canada in the 1900. I enjoyed the book and this encouraged me to be interested in geography and wild life. During this year at school our english literature class was attributed to Grahame Green and his book [ being read aloud in turns, and by the teacher]-Wind in the Willows, with ratty, toad and badger, an escape from those maths lessons and times tables recitals. My next geography lesson was at 11 when the HM Queen with the Duke of Edinburgh went on their ‘Coronation World Tour’ and the local flea house [flicks-cinema] 3d in the front 3 rows] showing all the highlights of the foreign nations visited.
    I then after my schooling days went to collage on the north east coast of england [Middlesborough/Newcastle-Tyne] During this period of my life and subsequent career in the British Marine and Shipping Industry, I would visit the docks, and see and note the many foreign and british ships: Here I would try to recognise the various shipping companies, and their trade patterns, and again while at Sea in the world ports I would enjoy those shipping company ships for instance: Baltic Ports-United Baltic; far east Blue Funnel-Alfred Holt/China coast Swires, Shell Tankers and P&O passenger and cargo ships; Australia and New Zealand- Shaw Saville/New Zealand shipping/Port Line; West Africa palm oil and coca-Palm Line/Elder Demster; South Africa-Union Castle and Ben Line/Clan Line; then South America- Royal Mail Lines and Lord Vesty’s Meat boats-Blue Star; North America-Cunard lines/ Manchester Liners, not forgetting India and Ceylon British India/Brocklebanks; Then the Meddi olives and citrus fruits-Ellermans ; and Elder Fyffes for a banana from the West Indies. This but a view of the British Companies, that could be seen in the major ports of the UK [London/Liverpool/Southampton/Glasgow Leith, Hull], and around the world. A british seaman was a true ‘Gypsie’, and enjoyed many wonders of the world.
    As One drifts and dreams all these travels, sunny days and storms at sea come back to one. In many a foreign port with no ‘Flying Angel or Stella Maris’ seamans mission one with ones watchmates board a ship alongside in the dock,and if welcomed- more often than not; would talk socially and may be watch a film. The russian ships were often friendly and a film of a cowboy and heroine was a universal story.
    I started with a nursery rhyme,and while my grandchildren can now recite to me many a nursery rhyme, some which I do not know, If requested I can recite from end to end an old scouting campfire song from my Leeds area days, is ‘ON Ilkley Moor Bah TAT’ and if you also know the song, we shall all have eaten thee??? What say you? I will now disappear, bye!

  4. LLLP, we are not asleep?
    What with the daily papers, media today Tuesday 7th. April 2020 full of tidings and well wishes to the Prime Minister-Boris-, I wish to take a step back and reflect?
    The crown -HM the Queen is in Windsor, Boris is in Hospital/Intensive care {St Thomas’s}, we have an elected parliamentary Party the ‘Conservatives’, and plenty of spokes persons for the ‘daily corona virus parliamentary updates: So whos’ in charge who carries the can? Do we have a deputy leader, or has Parliament declared a national emergency, are or ‘Party Politics of little value?’ but that the general consensus of Parliament, is behind one person who may be deem a’’ generally good , honest person’’? Where is the Crown in all this, and has Not Just the ‘Conservative Parliamentary Party declared a ‘National Emergency’ but that Parliament has, and that leader has been approved by the ‘Crown’
    God Bless the Prime Minister-Long Live the Prime Minister!!!
    This is not the time to fool the British Public? Please the Parliamentary members do your duty!!! What is the method/successor to decision making within Parliament while this alleged ‘state of emergency’’ exists??
    Please put the knives away in their scabbard!

  5. Springcleaning?
    AS I drift and dream my way through these days of the Corona Virus, and self isolation, I follow Molly, as she bottoms cupboards and ward robes, and maybe discards that older more dire looking object-? {however I am still around}. We live in a secure well managed Extracare Retirement Village, and the management take the time and the patience to enquire how we are coping, both physically and mentally. I have no communal shed, but we do have communal gardens where one can occupy ones muscle techniques: However I just relax and walk around the gardens and extremity of the estate for my daily 30 mins of exercise.
    Following Molly around within the flat/apartment, I can come to grips with the hoover and duster, plus polish, but that is’ finger up bum-mind in neutral time’? What I enjoy now and again is my dreams, when the telly and the media lack to inspire me! I been dusting down the book shelves, and found a few friends to share that moment or two! Firstly my childhood at home, and now with my grandchildren, a book of collected stories by Beatrix Potter. AS a child and one of four children our first introduction to the world of reading was some of miss Potters Books, Peter Rabbit/benjamin Bunny, Mrs tiggy winkle, squirrel Nutkin, and the tailor of gloucester, and Jermima Puddle duck, not forgetting Jeremy Fisher. For our children I bought appley dapply’s nursey rhymes, which I too enjoy. What with my cherished copy of Wind In the Willows, I could drift down the thames or the riverbank, and roam the lake district, and the Yorkshire Dales once again { Not far from my childhood home in Leeds}. Talking of memories the sun is shining lovely, beckoning myself and molly for our constitutional 30 Mins exercise.
    As an adult, and while at sea, I often read a book from the ships library-provided by the Seamans Mission- Here I often read Agatha Christie and a ‘WHO DUN IT’, not so much these days Piro and Miss Maples have lost their charm! John Grisham has filled this spot for me with his legal intrigues of American Laws, especially in the southern states: I have enjoyed all of his writings and I have just finished his book ‘the guardians’ it made me shudder, and realise the legal system in any country, could be wickedly unfair? It is sobering! Then another book I have keep for interest and again intrigue is OP JB by Christopher Chreighton, an operation at the collapse of WWII in Berlin. It maybe true but I find most enthralling of Ian Flemings time in active service. ‘Phew’!!! give me a drink, please! My next book is a complete conundrum and simple called the ‘GCHQ Puzzle’ book, and full of puzzles to bamboozle the mind. Solving the puzzles has logic? However the more serious question do we all as individuals have the same logic? I will let you make your own mind up?
    I wish to walk freely as I can now with Molly on my daily 30 minutes exercise? This ‘lockdown’ self isolation, will entice me back to the mirror and look at oneself, and the wander through my bookshelves, as I tidy up. Bye Bye
    Not quite cheerio I have two friends, One is mine, one is Molly’s. They are dictionaries Molly’s is the New Chambers English Dictionary, Mine is and old affair ‘The concise english oxford dictionary’ which I bought in Middlesbrough before I enrolled for collage, and then shopped at ‘DINSDALES the technical drawing and engineering book titles for my college course. Now I say TAT! Tah!

  6. Friday 10th April 2020, Good Friday, Corona Virus, in social isolation, and yet the sunshine is inviting me out and to socialise with family and friends in body and souls: Not just on the internet/phone/web or by semaphore? I do not feel abandoned, but like you all isolated in a very tightly knit cocoon? I hope we all come through this and maybe this Christian feast of Easter, is a time to reflect and wish us all and our families; good health, cheers and hope to see and meet you all in person soon.
    I shall reflect in my faith for the best wishes to us all, everyone!

  7. john graham says:

    Thanks David,
    You have filled this blog with some great memories and interesting comments all week. It is good to have a co-writer to add new perspectives on my musings,

    Happy Easter to you and Molly.

  8. Hello you friendly, person, how are you? all the best to you and Mo.
    This ‘lockdown’ social isolation, with the sun outside streaming down, has made me review my minds eye?
    It reminds me of my 2 lives at sea?
    Life 1 a watch keeping engineer 4 on 8 off for the total period of the voyage/trip a minimum of some 6 months. I had to on my watch keeping hours enter and tour all parts of the engine room, including the prop tunnel and fridge/steering gear flats, and the upper spaces of the funnel, and the depths of the bilges. I had to become engrossed, touchy feeley, listen and look at all machines, service pipelines [Steam water and air and vents] for leaks, listen to the hum and vibrations of fans, compressors[Fridge and air] alternators, main turbines, numerous pumps, and then admire a very hot steam boilers,
    Electric switchboards, and then after a 4 hour watch complete an intermate log report. All encompassing. One duty on the 8/12 watch was the daily routine at 12 noon to rewind the engine room clock up, check the time to the funnel blasts at noon precisely or a double ring on the engine room telegraph if we were in congested waters, or foggy weather. Should one ignore the clock rewind and it should stop? then one was in the ‘naughty chair’ and it cost a case of beer to the other engine room watches for negligence of duties.
    In the engine room if things got out of hand was the ‘RED BUTTON-Panic Button’, should one be caught with ones pants down and push the button! All Hell was let loose, and all the engineering department would descend into the ‘HOLE’ the ENGINEROOM all at once. If possible we would all correct the fault, and then the Integration, What! Who! and why! did thing go wrong? At this point one was either castrated metaphorically for being unattentive to detail. or praised for being a wise one and preventing a disaster!
    Life 2 ‘OFF Watch. here one may talk, play various games, to fellow off watch colleagues, or sit on the bits at the after end of the ship and watch the seas passage through the sea-Gentle and quiet as the wake wove its pattern of intrigue, and if in the tropics one would see and note the florescent plankton, as it was tossed aside in the wake. The sunsets and dawns were a beauty to behold, with shimmering reds.; yellow colours. If one was lucky enough going through the Suez Canal one may see a mirage! Then in ones cabin alone reading a book, or listening to the radio, with the BBC world service or local radio playing music reminding one, of loved ones at home.
    This corona Virus reminds me of the 2 lives!
    Life 1 with Molly my wife in self isolation, and intermacey, and that touchy/feeley way of life, and that occasional conversation. The sun as I write is streaming down beckoning us to do more than our 20 mins of exercise, but like the clock we are regulated, into self isolation : Bah! Humbug! I do miss our daily friendly banter with our friends and neighbours, and that 6 foot distancing with out a handshake or a hug, most frustrating.
    Life 2 those 5 minutes with one thoughts, and dreams of days out with family and friends. My five minutes are made up of web talking to you dear reader via the keyboard, listening at the same time: Not to the media, and all that is fair game! But a personal choice of CD disc music on the record player Danniel O’Donnel and his lazy/ sleepy / sultary Irish Voice with music to ensure I dream of a more pleasant time.
    So in my minds eye I see my self locked away at sea? Firstly doing my dutiful tasks and secondly time to myself.At 77 life has come to bite me on the ‘BUM’ I am back in my youth as a seafarer???

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