Rugby Coronapop Style🏉🏉🏉🏉

Everything is going to have to change as a result of Coronapop.    Even the Old Farts at the Rugby Football Union finally agree with that, although unbelievably they are still planning to finish the 2019/2020 season.
They have just issued some new guidelines to allow clubs to start players training while still “social distancing”.

  • players will be required to wear masks🤡
  • and gloves  🧤🧤
  • and keep 1.5 meters apart  🏃🏽‍♂️    🏃

I am not sure they have properly thought this through.   Why can rugby players stand closer together than people in a Tesco queue?     Even with these new rules, line-outs will only be able to have six players on each side and no lifting will be allowed.   There will also probably have to be a Perspex screen down the middle of the line-out to stop the players coming together when jumping for the ball.

Scrums will be even more difficult —— all that heavy breathing will definitely need additional ventilation.    The steam that rises from scrums could have a massive viral load, so after each scrum all forwards will need to be tested for Coronapop and be substituted if they test positive for Coronapop.

One final flaw in this new RFU protocol is that players will have to have their temperature checked before the start of training and presumably at regular throughout a  game.    If they exceed the normal range, they will then have to be quarantined for 14 days and so will anyone who has come into contact with them.  😡😡😡😡😡

These new guidelines should finally put an end to the season !

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5 Responses to Rugby Coronapop Style🏉🏉🏉🏉

  1. What a blog this rugby fan has to comment upon? It is all hurtful to a spectator, who also believes in the true rough and tumble, and the grabbing of that oval ball form a line out or a kick on forward.
    It all takes skill and appreciation of physical, abilities backed with a little brawn, from the pack? It just goes to show Rugby is a game of intrigue, and pure adrenalin: Not just for posers and wet blankets?:

  2. It is May, the month of Bowls, Cups, Plates, all played for by oval, round, leather and rubber balls, all filled with air.
    But that is for a certain sportsperson and their spectator! What I am or was looking forward too, was all these peoples, plus our friends and neighbours being in a TUX with a white shirt and a colourful ‘Cummer band’, and a bow tie {coloured or black], dressed up to enjoy an evening of dancing, music,, a drink and a set menu, as Molly and I go to our Retirement Village ‘May Ball’ great fun and enjoyment when it happens: Alas this year with lockdown we must await with in trepidation to see if the event is to be real, or imaginary, or by some kind of computer email ‘ZOOM’ programme,
    It maybe happiness and excitement or another programme of a ‘BALLS’ or as one may say a ‘BALLS UP”?

  3. eyes open, body down, bums up, shoulders forward, a hug, and now for the scrum, Its Saturday, John is off to see the tigers play! But alas it is ‘lockdown’ john must do it with his magnificent imagination. The ref s blows off in his whistle, the game starts with a kick forward, and we are off!, Kick for touch a line out, a pass forward ‘ Foul’ play,’ a scrum down, , The scum half puts the ball into the scrum, It collapses, the ref bows his whistle, foul, goal kick up steps the kicker. alas no goal. Ball out of play. The opposition line up and get into position as the full back from behind the goal line prepares to kick on, and either go for a line out, or a position up field. The ball is kicked up field. there is a dash from your defence to take the incoming descending ball, it is dropped the opposition forwards pick it up and run for the line, passing and avoiding your backs, then by a swift back pass to a winger the goal, try is scored! Now the conversion by the goal kicker: Up and over the ball goes, the try is converted. And so the game goes on over two halves of 45 minutes, with a break to suck oranges or is it lemons, depending how the tem is doing. A prolonged whistle, game ends, hugs and hand shakes all round: But wait a minute we are in lockdown, not scrum down, It is all in the mind, and the spectacle is but a dream??????.

  4. It is still saturday at 14.15, we are at the ‘Tigers’ ground gates, waiting to be checked through into the seats in the Stand, vocal cords cleared, tested on the club song [May be ‘On Ikley MOOR BahTAT’ and the expectant last verse ‘Then;en we shall all of eaten thee’: There’s a break in the noise and hubbub, the teams come out of the tunnel First the opposition , Its a cup match? the BAR BARS, then the men you have come to watch and dote upon, a roar, and the toss up, then the refs whistle, heads you win: Where are you? your in Lockdown? Are you in your study having a quick memory or two with a good ‘sniffter’, out of the way of the local household manager MO! who has been given the remote and is in charge of the TV set and this afternoons films! Great you are promoted to either ‘LOVER’ or Teaboy as the romantic film rolls on from its opening credits? You are but and a article of necessity within the house? Mo struggling on with her Knitting or crochier and counting of that important stitches or stitches within the line of the pattern. Maybe you are the servant who punches holes in order in a piece of paper to keep track of the complex pattern???
    OR John are you the man of the house, and have MO entertaining you singing some ribald rugby song while dressed up as a ‘CAN Can dancer’, and your mind wondrously going over past memories within your life, besides that elusive ‘Tigers’ Season Ticket? Dream On young chap!!! It is ”LOCKDOWN”’ and all in the mind?

  5. It is still saturday time 15.38 full time including injury time, at the Rugger match, or indeed at home under ‘Lockdown’ the only injury time may be from a black eye given my MO! for some outrageous comment, or you may have split the drink at half time, when you were biting the piece of lemon for antidotal thoughts of wisdom?
    Time to go home, Full time, Bye John, MO.

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