Rugby Shields 🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉

Following on from my series of blogs on Rugby in the era of Coronapop, it is now obvious that this season is over.     So I have been thinking about how we can start the next season without the silly rules that have been dreamt up by the RFU “old farts”.

We have been through the SOCIAL ISOLATION stage when all the players stayed at home and were paid for doing nothing.     That must have been extremely difficult for them.       Now they are in the SOCIAL DISTANCING phase where they can start training for the re-opening of the game.    Passing the ball might be a problem with all those germs, but they should be OK if they wear gloves.

The critical problem is starting a contact sport without having any contact.    Up until now the “old farts”  have not been able to figure this out.    Prime Minister Bodj, sparked an idea for a great strategy for rugby using his classical education.     It is based on SHIELDING as deployed by the Romans.

The players will have PPE similar to that worn by gladiators.    Helmets, Brest plates, shoulder pads and …… sandals?    Sadly, or gladly, there will be no weapons, even for the Saracens players.       But, in Bodj’s words, the game-changer will be the the use of shields by all the forwards.    The shields will allow  lots of pushing and shoving without any personal contact.

The referee and the linesmen will will be encased inside plastic bubbles, which might limit their movement around around the pitch.   If there is a wind, they may get blown about a bit, but that should add to the fun.   Especially if  all three officials end up down one end of the pitch and the play is at the other end🤡      The other slight problem  is that the players won’t be able to hear the whistle when the ref  is in his bubble🤡     The “old farts” are still thinking about that !

BREAKING NEWS.       Before I could finish this blog Prime Minister Bodj decided the game could restart in August.
That will mean the 9 games left in the 2019/2020 season can be completed in August and September, with the Premiership finals played in October.    The “old farts” are delighted by this news, because the 2019/2020 season will overlap with the start of the 2020/2021 season.    The extra dosh will come in very handy, although the players may have to play two, three, or four games a week for a few months, if you include the Autumn Internationals and the remaining European games.

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8 Responses to Rugby Shields 🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉

  1. the knives are out? the swords unsheathed, and ‘Braveheart’ is blasting, and blaspheming Oaths in this forthcoming summer, waving his shield, and displaying his ‘Kilt’ or is it ‘Toga’ to anyone whom may listen, about a game of oval balls? It is too much for this officanardo of the village game of cricket, and all that is ‘gentelle’ about a game of summer BALLS? With ladies serving cucumber sandwiches at tea time/interval within the game, all dressed in whites and with virginal thoughts!! Not those filthy tribal songs, of macho-ness, and conquest of ones opponent, or that occasional ballad devoted to ‘Lady Jasper’ and other songs rhymes of ill repute!
    As a mere boy scout, and mummy’s boy I must close my eyes and shield my ears to all this diatribe, and hush my voice??? maybe I am one of those wise monkeys John Speaks about, who may think they control the game of rugby union? But Hey ho! who knows best!!

  2. Dear Oh Dear!!
    John is talking ‘windie Pops’ twaddle, and the language of a foreign land, for fairies and daisy queens, when he habitually rabbits on about ‘OLD FARTS’. I just wonder how the rugby fraternity view his opinions, never mind the LLLP, and their mischievous mind sets??
    I just wonder how many daisy chains he will encounter this summer? As a past seafarer, and this modern day one has to be careful how one approaches the english language, in describing ‘RUGBY UNION, or League’ for that matter as a game for men, REAL MEN, or is it into days language bi-sexual, trans-sexual, and any other connotation one may Knit into the description from the ‘Oxford English Dictionary, or should it be the ‘Oxford Book of Verse’ published also by that esteemed English University Press? All I can think off is we all pull together and cheer the winners of the University Boat race. And secretly ‘PUFF’ as they cross the finishing line at Putney ‘’ Out of breath and expressionless’’ after cheering the teams on through the Four and a half mile tideway course: Or is this just sour grapes and a cause comment or two???

  3. dip ones mind into the related as listed blogs on this subject? A Fine read for all, and enlightening few minutes of pure banter??

  4. It is sunday 14th, June and mid afternoon, during this epidemic of ‘Corona Virus’, mindless and in dreamland before the media and BBC TV Channel 1 deliver the Current Virus Update, full of facts figures, questions and answers that one may have to contemplate and make sense off!
    I have just watch the NETFLEX network a film titled ”THE NOTEBOOK”. A Love story with feeling, desire, Alzheimer’ dementia, showing/retelling a love story of life between two devoted lovers, not saucy, in delicate, or salacious, but truthful and with emotional feeling as life has presented itself during the lovers life time, and a touching end to the story, which I deeply appreciated. The stars of the lead parts were not page stoppers: However one was a western star of my youth-James Gardner= I could relate this to everyday life and not a privileged few: I will now shed an emotional tear or two, while I dream and drift in the story-line of the film. GREAT!!!

  5. Gently does it!
    The Netflix film -The Notebook-
    The opening scenes are of two elderly people Bill and Judy {names do not matter}, in a an american mid west care home, and Judy sat in a room with attendant nurses, Bill comes in JUDY gets agitated and upset and asks whom is this person? I do not know him, take him away! Bill is quietly taken from the room by the resident doctor, and it is explained she has [Judy that is-dementia] and that the situation will not improve. Things resolve them selves and next scene BILL is seen reading from a note book aloud to JUDY extracts, and Judy asks do I know this person? Yes says Bill; it is you and I. Judy deny the fact and then asks Bill to read more from the note book, all is calm, and the film story follows the scribblings in the Note Book.
    It is interesting to note throughout the film every time Bill reads from the Note book, Judy is relax and enthralled by the story as it unfolds from each page.
    It starts when Judy born of well to do parents, meets a farmers son Bill, at the later teenage years 17/18, and discusses life, goes to dances, and picnics. Judy becomes not infatuated, but respectful and admiring of BILL. Judy meets Bills father his mother is not on the scene [divorced- living apart]. Bill’s father and Bill treat Judy with utter respect for the woman who she is! Gradually over a time [maybe 2 years], Bill and Judy have a picnic in an old disused farm building after a spat declare their love for each other and consummate their love on a summers evening/night. At a time in the early morning [2 am.], Bill’s best friend busts in saying the police have been alerted by Judy’s parents and are looking for JUDY. Judy is escorted home, Bill is charged with kidnapping and spends the rest of the day in police custody. JUDY’s parents, especially her Mother wishes to protect JUDY from marring below her station and her [the mothers expectations], of a life full filled with social and financial security. The film goes back to the current day in the Care Home Bill reading, from the Notebook. Judy passes a comment:-Did they love each other-Judy and Bill? Bill answers yes!
    Next Judy’s family for other reasons move from the Southern State to an eastern state. During this time up to now Judy and Bill have had a life and adoration for each other, discussing , agreeing and debating their common approaches to life, not forgetting their passionate differences of opinion. Before JUDY moves with her family Bill asks her to marry him: However Judy’s family ties are strong, and her mother has the finial say, saying/stating marriage is for security, and a mature relationship of togetherness, not just ‘LOVE’!
    The time sequence is the WWII period, Bill and Judy part and agree to write to each other as life progresses. Bill, volunteers and joins the US Army divisions in North Africa, he writes from the front a letter every day, back home to JUDY. JUDY meanwhile waits for the letters as promised by Bill, they do not reach her! Judy becomes despondent, and is mesmerised by a a dashing rich socially well connected young buck, of her mother choice, and says yes I do: However back to the current day and Bill still reading the notebook to Judy, reads a passage where Judy notes and thinks while the young buck is proposing- what has happened to her Bill? Judy is still engrossed in Bills tale from the Note Book.
    Back to the NoteBook, Judy reads in a local/national US newspaper after WWII that BILL has bought an old farm and developed it as it was into a home of his dreams, of yesteryear?-It is the farm where JUDY and BILL first consummated their love for each other. Judy went from her eastern state to see what the OLD FARM had become. Judy meet Bill and talked, each other accuse-sing the other of not writing, it became evident that the letters had been intercepted. The story processes, Judy’s then young buck husband becomes upset and comes to an ultimatum with Judy it is either BILL Or HIM, no other relationship; Judy chooses BILL. Judy’s mother arrives on the scene at the farm house, and states that Judy is throwing away a secure way of life for a wish of ‘love’ Judy states she is happy, and the story comes again to day and Judy listening to Bill as he quotes from the Notebook, JUDY says quietly in his ear they were in love? Were they not? Yes says Bill. Back to the old farm, and then Judy’s mother comes back to wish Judy a most happy life and hands her all of Bills letters which he wrote to JUDY while in the US Army 365 one for each day of the year. Judy is overcome and divorces her young buck and marry Bill. At the same time Judy’s mother takes JUDY a drive from the OLD Farm to a local Gravel quarry, and show her a man shovelling labouring, and states that was her first love, giving the reasons for preventing/protecting Judy from making a mistake which could affect her whole life. There is no comment in the NOTEBOOK! Other than Her mother had a love.
    The story then came to today, and in the garden of the Care Home/facility, BILL and JUDY on the lawn enjoying an afternoon cuppa, when up steps a family generational group [children-grandchildren great grand children], and they greet Bill and Judy. Judy asks who are all these people? The son asks dad/BILL to come back home with them, and to leave Mum/JUDY in the care of the Care HOME? JUDY again asks who are all these people, please read from the NOTEBOOK. The generational family go home and Bill signs in as a resident in the care home telling the family, he will not leave Mum/JUDY alone. The next event in the film is Bill in the home entering JUDY’S room, and JUDY screams and shouts who is this strange man in my room reading this book to me? The Care home is in uproar and JUDY is sedated, and laid to recover in a secure private ward within the care home, and Bill is in front of the Care Home doctor explaining that JUDY is at ease with Bill/Him reading from the NOTEBOOK. The doctor explains gently that dementia in its latter stages does not differentiate good from bad, and the patient, in this case JUDY reacts as she believes the truth is?
    Then Bill suffers a chest pain of sorts, and goes through to the secure wing/ward where JUDY is looked after, it is early evening: The evening sister of the secure ward tries to put off Bill, Bill pleads, the sister makes an excuse for rounds, and so Bill goes into JUDY’s room, who is asleep, and Bill lies on the bed cuddling in holding hands with JUDY. The next morning both Judy and Bill have gone to heaven, and by the bedside is the NOTEBOOK, and in the closing film credits is the last page of the NOTE BOOK, scribbled by hand the words, -TO BILL, My life love JUDYXX.
    Sentimentally yours a true love story. Maybe fiction maybe real life: Who can Tell??

  6. Armageddon–A twisted story
    Boris or as the LLLP know him ‘BODJ’: Who is this man what does represent? Time I think to reflect, in the quieter moments of The Corona Virus?
    Into this world I wish to bring forth the BBC in all its many hats; channels and media broadcast, and ask is this ‘AUNTIE’ to whom we know and love, or is she a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing? This week commencing as you may have guessed on Sunday the 14th day of the month of June, and on SUNDAY the 14th, for three evenings {Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday} this week broadcast at 21.00 on BBC TV Channel 1 we have the ‘Salisbury Poisonings’. To brighten one self up I am writing after having watch just 2 episodes Sun/Mon, I am looking forward to the climax this evening Tuesday 16th. June .
    THE SERIES/STORY LINE has made me just ponder a while, and gather my thoughts: So far the programme of ‘Salisbury Poisonings’, has shown the extent to which our government {UK} has to be alert to foreign states, who may wish to miss-behave on UK Soil, following in their beliefs that they are correcting mystamenia’s which have taken place on their soil-during their watch? On this occasion the action of this foreign country, according to the programme was directed to the person involved:However the method left the UK National government with an unsolved ‘quandary’, and a possible mass outbreak of a viral infection, which was or had been perfected in laboratory conditions. I await the out come of tonight’s episode [Episode 3] of the drama.
    Thoughts on this a topical drama, and today’s Corona Virus BODJ has been through the mill? Whether this is the hand of the ‘Lord’, ‘Satan-the devil’ or dare I say a foreign enemy of the State-UK, remains to be seen. BODJ is the window dressing, and he with his cohorts must guide us through these uncharted waters: While all the time those men and women in grey suites within the cupboards of government, must be trusted to act and behave responsibly on our behalf! I just wonder is the antics of Dominic Cummings those of a fool? Or a back door/channel route to a rogue state?
    No matter how this all ends, BORIS and the government have their hand full, and our future [the UK] as an independent state remains either within or external to EUROPE, or our alliance within NATO and the USA and Canada is debatable? I am sure enemies of the UK are charming us with an economic future so ‘rossie!’ We can only see ‘red?’ or is that yellow, or is it us as a nation that we are ‘yellow’ and may wish to run away and bury our heads in the sands.
    Remember you parliamentarian,s of Westminster, first the UK and the Crown figuratively, and then the people, you are all one of ‘US’, what ever your gentle persuasions may be, BLACK/WHITE/RED or the ethnic minority one may believe in?

  7. Upshot
    Carry on regardless BODJ? And ‘Auntie-the BBC’ ‘’weaver of tales’’. The last episode last night of the Salisbury Poisonings, was informative: However I believe the connection I made between this incident and the present day Corona Virus, was maybe slightly incorrect? The players and the governments of the day for both events, have chosen to lead by science, and this is most plausible. What is not clear, and slightly worrying is leadership, by the political leaders of the day. In the Salisbury Poisonings the then PM. the Rt. Hon. Mrs May was dealing with an event, of delicacy. As For the Corona Virus, I wait for the ‘post moratorium ; However BODJ is still on the playing field of ETON, playing with his marbles?
    WE have as a nation the UK are or maybe distraught by the ‘Corona Virus’, economic catastrophe looming, and still the winter of 2020 and 2021 to face with the as per normal ill health, deaths, and general grievances. BODJ in the media, and on the telly is too me like the PIED PIPER, playing tunes/waving his hand about, and leading us a merry dance, provided we play or do the fandango to his tune.
    I am a little long in the tooth, and slightly of an age, when all I may wish is a little truth and respect to take the bad news with the good,and understand, what I may face as a citizen/voter of the UK. This pandemic is /has been bad for the nation: However I miss the leadership of an elder statesman/Woman, who maybe able to see passed innuendo, and accusations of this alleged man-made calamity, and all that that may entail. The literary world may engage our thinking during these episodes/calamities, but then is it fiction or the truth???

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