Coronapop Rugby🏉

I last posted about rugby way back in June, when I thought the season was all over and Leicester Tigers were at the bottom of the table (bar Saracens who were relegated for cheating ).  But, I was wrong !
Prime Minister Bodj allowed the season to restart in August and with a new manager – Steve Ballsup – Tigers managed to lose some more games and drop out of Europe.
Stevie decided to give everyone a game and even called up some car park attendants, since there were no cars and no spectators.      One of his master strokes was to offload Manu Tuilagi to Sale and save Tigers a lot of money.     Not surprisingly Manu got injured after a couple of games and will be off for six months!  A familiar story to Tigers fans🤡

Sadly Tigers team of musical chair players and car park attendants still ended up bottom but one in the league at the end of the season in October.    But all is not lost yet, there are the play off finals to come.   Tigers are not in the finals, but they could be in this strangest of all seasons 🤡

Exeter are due to play Wasps at Twickenham in the Premiership play off Final, but some of the Wasps got stung by Coronapop, so the Old Farts at the RFU have asked Bristol to stand by.    But Bristol have just come back from winning the European Challenge Cup in France so they should be quarantined.    Stevie has already engaged some no win no fee lawyers to argue our case.      That takes us down to Sale who all had Coronapop last week and an injured Manu, so obviously they can’t play.     Then there is Northampton who were the super spreaders who gave Coronapop to Sale, so they should be disqualified for unfair play.
Just a few more outbreaks of Coronapop amongst the other teams and Tigers car park attendants could be in the Final.

    Well done Stevie !    What a turnaround !

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2 Responses to Coronapop Rugby🏉

  1. What a ‘TAIL’ or is that wagging the dog for the truth? Come on COCO tell us how you feel? Out of John’s emotions, in the wet and the cold, rounding up all the ‘Saints Players, or is that ground attendants? I just wonder.
    John just rabbiits on about his 15 men and true/ No other feelings for what others may wish for? You come with me COCO with a tail [Tale of 2 cities] Leeds, not Leicester { all though in my school days Leeds by population was the bigger city than Leicester- we were 5th and Leicester 6th within England.}. I am but an ignorant northerner, born in Crosby schooled in Leeds, earned a living as a marine gypsie, so I have no particular ties/ Not Yet? ; How ever I miss my greater family from Crosby making the annual pilgrimage to Otley Rugby Ground to cheer their local team ‘Waterloo’ Whop Otley in a friendly ‘Battle of the Roses’?
    Now here you Coco with your tail waging and your mouth open for a treat, licking those lips of yours, What about yesterdays sports news??? LEEDS RHINO’s 13 men and true ‘Faries’ as John May call them winning the Rugby League Challenge Cup” all on the TV box, in the comfort of ones front room, on the TV channel of ones choice, eating a pizza and devouring every movement by the forward pack. and the kick for goals/Tries by the backs. A little more activity for MO to watch while she may take a deep interest in 13 men, not the 15 she has to struggle with while doing her knitting in the stand. or Does John have a ”BOX”- no further comment except Balls!!!. OUT for a 6 as Leicestershire can not play cricket either!!! HEE! HEEE!
    What say you COCO, as you bite my heels, WOOF! WOOF!

  2. david freeman says:

    I just wonder at my age of 78 years, what this TV screen on sports channels brings to me???
    Is it the odds and the bookies, or the sport of the games?
    At my co ed school in Leeds, we are school children through the years, enjoyed partaking in the games sessions represented our school house {4 we had:- Priestly, Verity, Cook, and Bronte-all good Yorkshire people}-During the school terms we played the appropriate games sports, inter school if one were good enough, or inter-house we all took part, in Football, netball, cricket and rounders. In the summer term, we celebrated with a ‘Sports day- 25 yard dash, or for the upper years 50 & 100 yard dash, for those not interested, skipping, egg and spoon over the appropriate distances or the three legged race, at the close of the day Mums and Dads were invited to take part in a dash, egg and spoon. and a 3 legged race, great fun and the whole day was recorded on film.
    At the last week of term, we were divided into school house teams and year groups, mixed teams, and then again boys against the girls at a needle/challenge matches, first of all net ball, and then rounders. We could cheer and shout for our team, or the boy or girl who was in our hearts!!! Great.
    Did the teaches play?? It is for you to decide they certainly cheered us on???
    All that emotion, blood sweat and tears, and the feelings of appreciation as one grew older of the local amateur’s and professional sports men and women could achieve in their disciplined sport. one knew what one was cheering for and supporting. This modern day empty arenas and stadiums, just the TV commentators with the camera crews? What are they generating in the professional world of sport??? The bookies ODDS? the appreciation of the crowd, no shouting, bawling, OOH’s and AAWhs! it is too false for my small mind. I wish to apricate skills and camaraderie, I do not get that from a TV screen on the wall, and a lot of foreign bodies playing and being paid for a sport I took part in at school, where are the local lads? A National team these days and a international competition is, not by birthright, but by money and whos supports who.
    May be CORONOPOPs has changed my thinking. what say you??? Coco wag your tail? Your up for chase the stick? If that more elderly old bugger John can throw it that far and that often!. Bow Wow!!! Woof! Woof!

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