Bodj has taken a year to find his stride, but now he has got it all figured out.   Brexit is sorted after a fashion.   A non-detailed Bodj sort of way.

For 2021 he has come up with a brand new driving forward slogan ……………

This is the Bodj ‘Stop Start Stop Start ‘ strategy to keep everybody guessing what his next move will be.    Since Bodj himself doesn’t know what his next move will be until it happens, it seems like a good idea.

So here goes For 2021 :———-

RED.    RED means STOP.   A total lockup, put everybody under house arrest, except we will call it ‘Tier Ten‘ then it won’t sound like we have changed our minds.      It is a National Hibernation, which may become an annual event, if Coronapop comes around every year.   
It will have a firm end date of early Spring , or maybe late Spring, or Easter:  although we may need to put back Easter until the Summer this year.

AMBER.      AMBER means hold on a minute !    In the start of a Cabinet reshuffle,  AMBER RUDD  has been appointed the new Cabinet TRAFFIC CONTROLLER, because of her ability to turn on a sixpence and keep a straight face.

GREEN.    This is for Bodj’s big new world beating announcements for the Green New Year, all designed to get him re-elected for the rest of the century :-

    Only go out in a Boris car,         And not far!

 We are the First Green Family. Follow Karrot’s advice ….

  • HS2 is not needed now that everybody is working from home so we will make it the first National Cycleway and name it GB1 after of great leader.    It can only be used by people riding Boris bikes.
  • The fourth runway at Heathrow was always a problem, especially as it is in Bodj’s constituency.     So now there are no planes flying around, it will be turned into Boris 🥦🥕🥬🥔 Allotments.    ‘Dig for Victory’ as someone once said.

  • The Royal Parks will be turned into Boris Market 🦚💐🍎🍊Gardens.  They will provide Boris free food parcels 🍱 for children everywhere.
  • Hyde Park will be reserved for the Boris National 🐄 Cow Heard.   There will only be one cow because of all the methane and Michael Gove has been the National 👩‍🌾 Cowboy and will look after it.
  • Windsor Castle will become the Boris National 🕊Pidgin Loft which will be overseen by Prince Andrew in his new role as Keeper of Young Birds.  


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8 Responses to RED, AMBER, GREEN 🌈

  1. Oh!! Dear, by a suggestion, i note we have a new code for traffic lights, a!l lit up by St, BODJ,, TO guide us through 2021, and maybe a very happy valentines day with our beloved parliament??. Now them being an old ‘tart” i just wonder if the ray of multi coloured lights is sufficient to show us the path to salvation?
    Do i for instance creep up on life from behind? While the parliamentary. Ship displays a white light [ stern light], and ‘ Goose parliament with my many protestations, about current polices including the about to be revealed [pants down- Brexit’] oh my good lord??? How i blastfemme?. Nevermind while parliament and BODJ show a white stern light, i assume it is not full steam ahead but a signal to surrender to “” common sense”?? I will have to watch?? We will have to watch we do not collide with this most august parliament!!!
    Never mind creeping up on Bodj and westminster like a ” creeping jesus” how about meeting him full on!!! All guns blazing, and voices in cohesion and unity?? What then does his lordship Boris show us???
    Well a ship of deep draft, like an ice berg two thirds below the water line, where thoughts of progress and common sense are initiated?? So we may hope?. The lights being displayed by a dreadnought [ battleship as it comes head on are masthead white- port red starboard – green] and if is is angry it may fire a flash of red light followed by thunder as it fires a salvo of gunfire as a warning shot at us. “”= the gathered populas?? “”= Whether this is to disperse us and scatterus to the seven seas or the four winds: only Bodj knows. Maybe like Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland we are out casts, unwanted independents like the LLLP??.
    Never mind the torpedoes that various members of this HMS Westminster government may fire, to get the ” swiss navy” [[US THE VOTER] to have a considered as a thought or two about lots of parliamentary acts and bills based upon popular referendums???
    We all operating in a theatre, not a NHS hospital one with blood and guts, but a political mind field of Westminster and these dreamers lead by a white haired angel called BORIS, BLESS HIS COTTON SOCKS????
    Have i been a good gardener and sowed enough seeds for a plesant display of spring flowers in the garden of England??? I just wonder???

  2. Off course red amber and green traffic lights are the law, at road works one has just red and green traffic lights these are just warning lights??? Does Boris know, what or which signalling system he may wish us ” herberts and jessies “to follow??
    Vote now! Red or green??

  3. Stop or go one may ask??

  4. I know it is the 2nd of January 2021, however i have enjoyed the celebration of this years first day, and looking forward to the year as it unrolls, and at the same time enjoying many a memory as this afternoon i watched the recording of the Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra, playing its traditional New Years concert from the concert hall in Vienna. ” great”!!!!
    As wished my thoughts were with the orchestra in ideas that while we all look after our own health! Music can help one, maybe mentally more calming and help ones mental wellbeing, in these times of self isolation, and to realise like the make up of an orchastra, we need assistance and help to reach a melodic tune reaching a climatic conclusion.

  5. Good evening today4jan 2021 we enter stage level 5 lockdown, and the legal, regulatory jargon that is being discussed.
    I am crying in my gravy and wonder, “” WHO IS OUR GOD” can we survive as a world and in social harmoney as a world civalisation???
    My concerns!!
    Facts from the web, with my thoughts attached.–
    In 1900 the total world population was. 1.65 billion
    In 1928 the total world population was 2 billion
    In 1960 the total world population was 3 billion
    In 1987 the total world population was 5 billion
    In 1999 the total world population was 6 billion
    In 2011 the toal world population was 7 billion
    In 2020 the total world population is/was 7.7 billion.
    Just a thought,who is our”GOD” ???
    Since the year 1900 the world population has been challenged??
    WWI DEATHS — 6,5million 1914 –1918 worldwidw
    1918-1920 flu epidemic- 500 million deaths world wide
    Wwii deaths 1939 1945— was 40- 60 million,.
    I have no solutions but just ask is the corvid -19 a divine intervention?? What maybe the total world deaths and just how long will the corvid -19 epidemic prevail? A year or years?
    As i say just crying in my gravy??
    What is a the maximum population that the planet earth can sustain equitably???

  6. We appear in all but name to have elected a conscenus westminster parliament with a landslide majority a swiss parliament, not lead by a leader or party of vision, but by the views of us all??? This afternoon the westminster parliament, lead by the press rubber stamp the NATIONAL LOCKDOWN, AND where do we go from here??
    What are the gurus and men and ladies in grey suits, and the scientific advisers telling us all the way forward??
    Is it step by step?, and i ask respectfully who may be left to vote, is this to be done by zoom, and the nett, and what maybe the average of the voter elegiblely able to vote???
    It is a melting pot?? At the moment, who can see the way ahead, a “”GOD”” OF ONES CHOICE??

  7. Here we are the LLLP? LIVE, LOVE, LUST, POWER, Great??, i just wonder were parliamentarians have gone, during this =””LOCKDOWN=”” I trust to consider talking to the other LLLP the long lost loonie party. It is all clear isolation is required from ones brotherhood of MAN ? AND TO CONVERSE nay natter and blog on the greater “”web” who i ask politely is our leader, the white haired angel, Bodj, or the dishy fishy chancellor of the exchequer? Or that most noble of woman libb the rt. Hon. Home secretary, who would have us all caged up, paying a fine of a certain amount to help the dishy chancellor with his accounts and OUR!!! pocket monies?? But then we have not the angel of the north, but westminster, with his vote from the north, but his cohorts from sourth of the — wash- bristol channel,– urging us all on to do our bit and stand in line at school, and the quacks surgery, and have not our vote but injections for corvid – 19? Ail organised by the health minister,??. Do i believe in the LLLP??? NO!! BUT i am but a prick away from common sense? Maybe that is literally??

  8. Today is most exciting!! I can here the “”big bad wolf”” in the background stating he will “huff and he will puff” until he biows our house down?? With new rules, and his hearald of good news the daily mail does not disappoint!!! We are evidently heading for that “” yardstick?? “” approach of 3 metres between each soul?? I just wonder if the ovens in the cremm!! are built to such parameters?? I must die and go up in smoke to heaven on my lonesome!!! As elvis sung all those years ago –“”are you lonesome tonight””???
    Where is the big bad wolf and his friends?? In that palace of westminster, yardsticks drawn while they with the government advisors devise ways of defining our nanny? State bubble???
    Please i am not totally blind to faith? But the words of wisdom from the local man of god rings in my ears!! Which is “GOD HELP US ALL!!””

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