Bodj’s Even Greater Ideas.

There is no stopping him now. His Boris Wall idea has really captured peoples imagination and the Boris paddy fields have gone down a storm, except in Somerset. The Chinese leader is not too happy, because he says they thought of the Great Wall and the paddy fields first. Still Bodj is unapologetic and says ” If Mr Ho Ho has better ideas he should have come to the Cop26 conference ”.

Meanwhile Prime Minister, President, soon to be King Bodj is pressing on with the BGPCCC – his game changing plan to combat climate change. He is now launching Plan D, which stands for ”DON’T”.

DON’T go on an aeroplane ever again, balloons are OK provided they are powered by politicians hot air. Or if you know a famous person with a private jet you can hitch a lift.

DON’T drive any car, other than an electric Boris car, which has a maximum range of 100 miles. The Transport Minister, Grant Snaps will be installing a country-wide network of charging stations no less than 101 miles apart.

DON’T go on a cruise anywhere, cruises are off limits, unless it is a sailing ship, or the all new hydrogen powered Boris Luxery Yacht, or a rowing boat, or a paddle canoe.

DON’T queue for the Boris HS2 super fast train yet. It will not be leaving the station until 2040, or 50, or maybe never.

DON’T cycle on the pavements. Providing you are on a Boris Bike you will have priority on all roads and can only be overtaken on duel carriageways or motorways.

DON’T use plastic or elastic. Use brown paper packages tied up with string.

DON’T do as Bodj does, DO AS BORIS SAYS !

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3 Responses to Bodj’s Even Greater Ideas.

  1. Do we do as BORIS SAYS??? I wonder?
    Great! Brown paper parcels tied up with sting-LLP Chairman advises us not to use. All I can say its all PHOO! and they may smell a bit.
    Reading the above missive, all I can say is we have been here before, and as the festival of Christmas has humility and the enjoyment of birth of a new life. As this event approaches, I just wonder what we are all thinking of? both as ourselves and in our families of the countrymen and women.
    Parliament is at present undecided, and lacking a backbone of what an Englishman may be thinking? The MEDIA is today Monday 29 Nov 2021 is suggesting we all celebrate this period/ winter sol cist, not as a religious, or new birth occasion, but as a social festival with enjoyment, happiness without the morals and thoughts of what an opportunity Christmas brings to us, and the ability to review and remake our moral promises for a new Christian year , with honour, compassion for all our fellow country men/women and persons of this world!!! Just a thought from a Ragamuffin,
    I just hope and trust our Parliamentarians with the leader BODJ see us safely through the next year, with new ideals and actions not just promises.

  2. BGPCCC, alas as I read todays newspapers, and listen to the media, I am generally confused? One minute feeling sorry, { a young child murdered by his parents], the next, a giggle as I read the case of Megan in Court, and then today’s court hearing from America of Ghislaine Maxwell, and the ongoing story of nymphets and controllers of their actions or behaviour arguing around the age of 16 or 18 years, and the difference in law {UK OR USA with the age of consent], and the dark shadows of an international sex market, for those who can afford to play and pay the price. Mr Epstiene is no longer with us to either defend or enlighten the world of his actions as a ‘Master of Ceremonies”?
    t reminds me OF the LLLP ”Ragamuffins” definition of BGPCCC, say, as in short hand a bottle of Chateau that produces ‘PLONK” Knees up and a fuzzy head and redden eyes?
    Making no sense, just rabbiting on in Nonsense.
    BORIS?? I wonder???

  3. At 79 years, and a quiet moment with my own thought’s :not shared with my loved ones?? I come to todays Daily Mail and page 28 & 29 where they carry the story, very personal of Ray Illingworth, and his wish to exit this world with dignity and compassion!!! It is a most fundamental story, and the pitfalls of his wishes are highlighted, in many, many comments made under different headings under Grumbles and Smiles ‘TAG CLOUD’ sober reading from what ever position or view is taken.
    The older one becomes, while one has ones mental and physical attributes, for an opinion one has to trust the person who is nearest and dearest to one, as I feel I do not have the physical independence I had as a younger person, which makes me think very hard mentally, of how I maintain my bodily independence and without becoming totally reliant on care and assistance. With this kind of decision facing me as I grow old gracefully, I look not for an easy solution, but one of made with ease as an independent mind and body.
    Trust is most important, and my previous life, and influence on my family, friends with those personal relationships, are, I trust my GUIDEANCE to what CARE and ATTENTION I accept willingly in later life, to exit this world as Ray Illingworth expresses with love and dignity.

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