Bodj 🍔MacBoris🍔

Coronapop has morphed again, spoiling Bodj’s Plans for a happy Christmas. The new South African variant is really getting a hold and risks damaging Boris’s popularity. So he went on tele a made a bold, some say rash, promise to give everybody a Boost before the end of the year. But as always, he didn’t quite think it through.

It would need the NHS to do one million jabs a day, every day until the New Year, which is far more than they have ever done before. Within minutes of his announcement 100,000 people booked a jab on-line and the next day they were queuing outside hospitals, GP’s surgery’s, pharmacies and anywhere there was a person with a white coat.

The booking website crashed, GP ’s cried “foul”, the NHS cancelled all operations, the BBC called it a disaster even before anyone had stuck in a single needle and then his own MP’s threatened a rebellion again. Not a good start, but at least it stopped all the talk about last years Christmas party and Carrie’s expensive wallpaper.

Now Bodj needed another of his Great Ideas to rescue the situation. Then it came to him — FAST FOOD 🍔🍔🍔🍔. Why didn’t anybody else think of it ?

MacDonalds have restaurants all around the country and are renowned for fast service. Surely after an hour or so of training to stick in a needle, they could throw a jab with every Happy Meal. So that’s the answer, leave the NHS to catch up on all the operations on their waiting lists, scrap the booking system, just get everyone to turn up at their local MacDonalds and order a free 🍔Boris Happy Meal.🍔

For their co-operation MacDoalds would be granted charitable status and never have to pay tax again. The Health Minister, Savidge Javidge says talks are underway about them doing next years flue jabs any maybe even minor surgery in future.

Another Bodj Great Idea !

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4 Responses to Bodj 🍔MacBoris🍔

  1. What a piece? BODJ for us all? A standard at the head of a flag pole, while on the jack staff of the UK ship as a nation, The Union Jack, with Blue peter on the mainmast- Giving us all as voters the message we are putting to sea, and leaving harbour on a voyage Captained by BODJ??? Maybe it is to HELL and back!!! with BODJ offering us a vote, or is it a jab in the backside asking us all to be vociferous and Vote for what we may believe in. The media are having fun and his RT Hon, MP Labour leader his nibs mr. Sharma quoting that they the labour party support the BRITISH People??
    Please it is a christmas pud mix and I need to put my silver bits into the mix for that lucky person, who gets my best wishes and the silver coin [3d]- Not Belly ache.

  2. My comments? are they plain and simple to understand?? I am totally confused with the political scenes of today in the House of Commons. Her regalness M/S Pigeon {leader of the scottish Parliament- a bird with a message??], was clearer with her statement of what Scotland intend to do over this Christmas/New year holiday period.
    Looking slightly deeper into the modern world of communications, I note the daily mail have a piece on Rocket scientist, and their wish to investigate the ;;UNIVERSE::.
    What was more revealing was an article on the next page on Space Scientists and the fact they are/maybe not the wonder of deep thinking and development to be awed and worshiped by us all??
    I just wonder if this is true in all aspects of ”LIFE” and ask politely, or put a question forward – If we have ”the information” that is available; can we not each of us make and informed decision?
    BODJ and all the Parliamentarians MP’s in Westminster, I personally believe they have to wind their necks in a little more, and with their information as collected by government authorities, be a little more constructive, truthful, and express with compassion, what we need to do as citizens to achieve the status of a caring, honest nation.

  3. LLLP, ragamuffins here I see said the blind man=It is Take aways this festive period, save the turkeys, scoff the beef burgers, and eat ones greens and chips, all with a soft drink, ice cream/yoghurt, and we all stay at home, in isolation while the remote deliveries are made. Oh! for a golden Archway near me.
    But wait a minute what about the queens Christmas broadcast? Or it that postponed, and we have a filler in in this Christmas Broadcast- Just a ”QUEEN”, but who will that be?? I wonder???

  4. The piedpiper
    Well well, BODJ has done it at last? What I hear you say?
    Play a tune and lead all the rats to a new tomorrow! Full of doom and gloom of Corvid-19 new version Omicom. Great!!!! I just hope the sewers of West minster are fully drained of the spectacle of a Harrow and Eton, and Oxford Union debating society, full of ‘PUFFED UP’’ male images and their female friends who may believe been elected to parliament is for a quick buck, and a pension scheme they can write for them selves, without thinking, but passing that ‘ODD Comment’ that the electorate are all deaf, dumb and blind, to how this world is run??
    The Political classes in Parliament, both the LORDS and Commons, need to lead, with conviction, compassion, and fervere, not being frightened off their own shadows, and just that occasional ‘BITE’ as to Public Opinion?? If they are prepared to show leadership, I for one am prepared to vote, for a leader of vision. Not Kitchen sink drama’s.

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