Bodj ⚡️Power⚡️

What with all the fuss about Coronapop , people are forgetting about the advancing threat of climate change. Yet days ago we had week long power outages in Scotland.

Luckily, our Great Leader, His Excellency, Prime Minister for-the-moment Bodj, is still fresh from his World leading success at the COP26 conference. Despairing of all the other world leaders, Bodj has had another Great Idea for Britain to set an example for the world.

He has a ten point plan to conserve energy, improve peoples health and power the country without the need for fossil fuels :-

  1. All homes will be equipped with a Boris Running Wheel, connected to a generator which is connected to the National Grid.
  2. Everyone over 7 years old and under 90, will be expected to run on the wheel for a minimum of one hour a day. NHS staff will be exempt, except for administrators.
  3. Children can do their running at school..
  4. Prisoners will be required to do 8 hours walking every day, as well as one hour running.
  5. To conserve energy TV will be limited to the one hour Boris address to the nation each day. This means the BBC grant and TV licence fee will be cut to a big fat zero.
  6. With everyone working from home, travel costs and energy consumption will be dramatically reduced.
  7. The Boris Running Wheel will prevent people becoming couch potatoes and significantly improve the health of the nation.
  8. Boris
  9. is still thinking about
  10. the last three points of his plan ????

Bodj thinks this Great Idea of his will improve the health of the nation and give us enough power. Although, he is still working on the details 😀

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11 Responses to Bodj ⚡️Power⚡️

  1. It is Sunday morning before Christmas? Look what is in this stocking of ours??? Questions or wishes???
    What does one think????

  2. Excellent!!! I feel as if some old codger, has taken me back to the drasic coast in Dorset, and set me excitedly looking for ‘OLD FOSSILS’? Never mind I physically cannot get there today: However I am not missing out! I have the Sunday media to read and listen too, and those older persons of life in the WEstminster BUBBLE/ blowing smoke up my backside, on what is too become the norm this Yuletide celebrations???
    OH that’s a prick? or is it a Jab of common sense?
    My world is rotating around me, and as I tumble about in my ‘workwheel’ I am generating lots of WATTS, Power/Questions and hot air to ask BODJ and his noblemen and women of the Lords, what next please??? A lock up for us all behind the seawall of the UK, as the LLLP predicted some weeks ago.
    I am still wet behind the ears!!! Some one throw a bucket of cold water over me, please! Have the LLLP Long last loonie party come to power? Is Uncle John with his Grumbles and Smiles, leading us all to the Promised Land Of Fish and loaves of bread {The staff of life} as per the issuing thoughts Of That Rare expensive fish -The Rt, Hon Nicola Stergeon- leader in the Scottish Parliament.

  3. LLLP- correction please: the Last Laugh Loonie Party, not the Long Last LOONIE Party. It is all a laugh to giggle about even if it is not the LONG Last loonie party? I trust one gets the message, we are all lost without an Ideal world we can respect and look up too!!!

  4. 21 December 2021 Wednesday, Winter solstice, the darkest day and longest night of the year? What will BODJ and the Happy Beans! In Westminster bring to us to enjoy and make many a happy wish on New years Eve????

  5. To me personally, wonderful and respect to ‘Her Majesty the QUEEN’ for her Christmas Broadcast to the Nation and Commonwealth, and to those who were interested.
    It was a to me at 79 years a heart felt broadcast personally to each of our families, young and old, May God Bless ‘Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second’, and just a moment for my old and departed and absent friends, neighbours and family. xxx to all. John and Mo, Molly and I wish you a Happy New year, and may we continue to share your thoughts for the next year, on Grumbles and Smiles.

  6. Wednesday 29 december, off to the pantomime with the greater family to night! lots of OOH’s and AAH’s and boo’s. Then home full of light hearted fairy stories, to gently reflect on the past year, and soberly consider as to what, I would wish my new years resolutions to contain> Hush I hear you say, they must be secret? However if BODJ has with his parliamentarians granted us -the great unwashed?- a wish, I wonder what it would be??? I trust something without a fairy story, and lots of common sense?? WE/I must wait and see? What about You dear reader? are You ‘WOKE’?

  7. The panto!!! :jack in the beanstalk’ last night at MK Theatre was a treat!!! ;A breath of fresh air!! a real 5 star rating!!! Involvement of the kids, and elderly Children in their dotage It was wonderful, a well linked story, dance. song and lyrics=Lots of slapstick, magic tricks, and bawling and Shouting!!! -‘Hello simon’ with the baddies BOOS!!! it was great. The storyline was continuous within the slapstick, comedy songs and magic, and costumes to admire,, with that little bit of adult humour, that the kids and children could enjoy, each at their own level of interpretation of the english language. A wonderful night out from all this ‘Covid-19’???? and trash that a certain league of parliamentarians call government???

  8. Enjoyment, and dreams, with many a happy memory. Dear reader I have just watched our recording of the 2022 New years Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, just lots of the most pleasant music, and my mind in neutral with many a happy thought.
    I just need to clear my mind before all of the excited brethren from Westminster, led by many a happy soul ask us to combat the new variant of Corvid-19, and put a face mask on my face to stop me speaking clearly. Oh! Dear! what kind of a year are we am I in for?? I just wonder? Can I have a holiday abroad this year with my family, of friends, can I go to a dance and waltz my time away without any restrictions? There again the profits of ‘DOOM’ are saying what ever comes my/our way will cost monetary wise, not just that simple smile and best wishes for a ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’.

  9. Dream on
    Just as the year 2022 comes into being, and as a ‘Ragamuffin’ of the ‘LLLP’ I am gently reflecting in a few of the older ‘Blogs’ of the Smiles and Grumbles website, reading those articles that educate and mainly entertain me.
    I note with those ‘rose coloured spectacles’’ that maybe that the Honourable John Graham OBE has retired from a very active life in the promotion of ‘LIFE FOR The ELDERLY’? John certainly talked/listened to all the dignitaries in the arena at the time, to help the aged and their possible life style living in the future. It is very difficult for me to follow the today;s political future intentions for the elderly. Unless one is well heeled and retired in The Trucial States capital DUBAI, as the recent BBC programme portrayed? However one looks at their individual lifestyle, I ask politely do they each of them believe in the virtues and policies of the UK, and look in the mirror carefully to be satisfied that as a UK Citizen, they are in any eventuality covered by the UK Political beliefs of social care and the ability to utilise the NHS in times of unforeseen troubles?
    As a nation with the LLLP I feel we are fighting on many fronts without the rigours of a social tax scheme in the UK of giving Immigrants of the world a free load, and the older generatation are having to take a back seat, and pay taxes? It is concerning and the political parties of the UK appear unsure with Corvid-19 and its many variants appear to be in disarray? While the media and informed press and TV channels are busy broadcasting sensational news stories.
    If I believe the media we have no NHS service, care staff and teaching staff for our population and younger generations? I wish to ask politely where are those ladies, gentlemen in the background thinking of possible opportunities for the future, For the elderly is it to be a hands and arms open to the ‘GRIM Reaper’? Where are we going as a caring society?? Answers on a postcard please, at the usual address!!!

  10. A dishi dream/nightmare we are WOKE?
    Well here we are, almost Burns Night, with all those ‘wee simmering beasties on the road to Dundee? And A wee tot called Sturgeon?
    What has that got to do with the price of fish? One may ask-Absolutely nothing, but the LLLP and its ‘Ragamuffin Society are getting very excited, There is April Fool’s day to come, and May Day when we all go to the polls, as responsible UK citizens to VOTE? For What? –one may ask??? Swedish Toilet Paper Makers to make stronger but softer toilet paper? All able with the detritus of the mornings sitting to be flushed down the loo, and enable our planet to become greener??? Not from the cheesy comments we have to absorb, but the definite, but the accurate pictures while we pass out sitting on the toilet contemplating ‘’each of our own future’s as individuals and as a nation of nations [The UK]?
    Todays daily Rag the ‘MAIL’ is riveting to read, even the ‘Ragamuffin Society’ cannot make sense of the serious message this media giant in the publishing world wishes to pass ON?
    WE have the Rt, Honourable Boris Johnson PM, talking to the Rt. DISHI RISHi, Chancellor of the Exchequer . discussing how much can the government apply tax increases,, while there is an editorial piece about Statistics and Published information about ‘Corvid-19’ and the aside comment that the minister whose responsible for the department, is a little naughty with the interpretations of the probabilities, before the statistical actual numbers to the enquiry are returned? As one might say ‘Naughty but nice’ Not forgetting The Rt. Hon. Mr Grove, who is handing out cash to allegedly alleviate the householders who as a result of the findings in the ,GRENFELD Fire, are being Charged, Or is it ‘Hammered’ for the re=cladding of their home, which allegedly the Freeholders and developers of the original building construction were responsible for .
    That is enough of BODJ and his parliamentary problems, we have another side issue concerning, pictures/acquaintances/innuendo, and relationships but emphasising the name dropping ‘Messes EPSTIEN and a Mr Mandleson, not forgetting the name Andrew..
    The on to a discovery of fact, a real fishy story-‘ The Prehistoric Shark Skeleton’ found on the floor of Rutland Water Reservoir. All detected by its outline while lying in the gravel reservoir bed. Wonderful?
    If one sunk the Palace of Westminster below the water surface, I just wonder what the LLLP would find@ A FISHY STORY@

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