Tiger 🏉

Not that many years ago when you went to a Tigers game all you did was roll up at the turnstiles just before 3 o’clock on a Saturday and pay a few quid in cash to get in. Simple ! A season tick would secure your seat.

Then technology took over to make things even easier. No need to bother with cash, your annual fee is loaded onto you credit-card type ticket and all you have to do is stick it into the machine at the gate. No people involved. No friendly chat as you go in, no “Enjoy the game”. Just the high-viz jacketed security stewards checking your bags for ? …. contraband. ? A crate of beer not purchased at a Tigers outlet, or maybe a tube of exploding toothpaste, or a scarf with offensive words.

It all seems to work well, until Tigers get to the quarter-finals of the European Challenge Cup and the match is not included in the season ticket price. All of a sudden over 20,000 supporters have to buy a ticket. Surprise, surprise the ticket office is “ experiencing a high volume of calls at the moment”.

Still you can always book on-line. Just put in your Tigers Reference Number, which obviously you know off by heart. Or you can find your season ticket and it is written there right before your eyes. Type it in and now all you need is your password which you used years ago when you first bought your season ticket ….. and have long since forgotten. Not a problem you and set up a new one via e-mail.

Now you can book your ticket. Except you can’t because your iPad sends you into an endless loop of booking and re-booking, but never getting to the pay out stage. Maybe the Tigers website has crashed, not cashed?

So I am back to the telephone. I am experiencing a lot of calls at the moment and so evidently are Tigers, so I get a lot more automated messages telling me it might be easier to book on-line, Gerr ! Still I wait and wait and wait a bit more until I get to a real person. MAGIC !

She was very helpful and in just a few minutes and £44 later I have my ticket! Well almost. I have to print that off myself, a good job my print ink hasn’t run out. PHEW.

Now all I have to do is turn up in two weeks time at 3 o’clock on Saturday the 7th May ………. And wait two and a half hours ……. Because the kick off is not until 5.30.


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9 Responses to Tiger 🏉

  1. mmogan says:

    Good stuff and ironically just faced same battle trying to recall my WordPress password!

  2. Dear John, as I reflect in the comfort of my arm chair, I note the battle of the grey matter with the internet, and paying and proving you are the owner of some lucky ;TIGERS; tickets to watch the team of your dreams.
    I just wonder is the world now full of BODJ, and RISHI where cash is everything, and consideration for an honest hard working supporter, is disregarded for that last penny? No consideration for integrity and that feeling of loyalty. Have we all become hardened into that world of @cash only@.
    That’s my beef today John and I wish you and your team well in the remaining games of the season.
    Now for a word of thanks John to you and your partners in setting up the ideas of a retirement village under the banner of The Extracare Charities. Molly and I have experience life in our Extracare Village since early July 2007, and now in out late 70.s we are thankful for our surroundings both physical and socially, especially since the start of COVID-19 and Lockdown, and now today as Lockdown draws to a close, [but not without the still caution of Corvid-19]. Molly and I can live and rest in a secure surrounding, and yet have the social intercourse with our other some 350 residents, having a coffee, chat dance, singsong, or a meal with them collectively or as individuals. Again if I forget that bag of sugar we have a village shop managed on a professional basis but like all or most activities within the village open to opportunities to volunteer one services. This is just one of the ways one can meet and enjoy ones fellow villagers company going about on a daily basis. Great John!!! Thank you.
    If you believe I look handsome then thanks once again-Because i visit the village hairdressers shop on a regular basis, and keep trim with the professional well being nurse, for my health review, and the professional GYM manager for keeping me updated with a fitness regime, and that eagle eye on my antics and exercises in the GYM

  3. Well WELL we are coming up to that May Day holiday, and while I celebrate time off, I will refer to the Rugby Union matches this week end, and trust by monday, John will have enjoyed his visit to the ‘TIGERS’ and that they will have had a good season, as it draws to a conclusion, enabling John and his fellow supporters to invest in next seasons ticket sales for future matches..

  4. I see from this weekends game the Gallagers smoke is rising to the top, in the ‘Tigers; Nick of the woos” Great, do enjoy. I trust in will not be a fg end of a season???? FRom a well wisher, But not an Irishman, just some full of the ‘blarney!!!”

    • Dear John and fellow rugby union enthusiast , good game for the @TIGERS@. However the Mail and Sunday Mail? which I am unsure but page 64 a whole page on the death of RUGBY [UNION?], due to the scrum downs, collisions of heads and shoulders and alleged head /brain ailment in later life after childhood and adulthood playing rugby as a member of the forwards. I just point out or ask the question of you kind gentlemen; do you consider this is also an attack on Rugby League, with its touch downs?

  5. I apologise John I cannot sign in tothis account, it has been udated I am baffled DAVID

  6. ps is it a ragamuffins game ruby league, where the unwashed play, or is it besides a brawl a game, shall be say fit to be adopted by the ”Brain dead” gentlemen of our future society??? so will Rugby League spread from the industrial towns of the NOrth, northwest/east to south of the ‘WAsh-Bristol channel”, where gentlemen allegedly kickl ”seven bells” out of each other??? I just wonder????

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