“Christening Granddad”

According to Saga magazine, the baby boomers no longer wish to become “grannies” and “granddads” as they reach their third generation.  Apparently they don’t like the implication that they are getting old.

So rather than becoming proud grandparents and responding to names like Gran, Nan, Nanny or Grandad, Grandpa, all of which are terms of affection and respect in my mind, – they are encouraging grandchildren to call them sugar, buzzy, lala, papeo, foxy and g-dog ?????  I doubt this will kid anyone that they are any younger, least of all their perplexed grandchildren.

What badge would you wear with pride ?

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7 Responses to “Christening Granddad”

  1. Jon Cleaver says:

    Hi John Like the web page.

    Christening Granddad
    I’m not surprised by the third generation’s insistance to avoid the normal and endearing grandparent names. After all this same generation unhappy with normal names such as John, Jane, Alan and Mary, are responsible for the way out cybernetic names such as Pixel, bitmap, Jazzy and Daisyboo. Me, I am very proud to wear my badge of the older generation ‘Grampsy.’ Cheers John

  2. janet pritchard says:

    I have 6 granchildren and all call me grandma a name I love.

  3. gasbag says:

    I think older people should be proud to wear the name Gran or Grandparent. Only people have children who are genuinely a grand parent, can call themselves this. I can call myself nan or nanny but I am not a Grandparent and any one can be a nanny.

  4. john says:

    I am surrounded by grannies , granpas, and grumbling davids..

  5. David Evans,Cardiff says:

    Sixty percent of grandparents look after grandchildren at least once a week—- only two percent are paid. This is estimated to save parents £1,650 every year.
    Fourty percent of grandparents give a average of £90 a month to help each grandchild.
    I am sure they do not begrudge it but maybe the should be called sugargran or bankergramps 🙂

  6. hello you old dog? just been refreshing parts that other beers cannot reach? You silver tongued, smooth haired, bespectacled, gentleman, this piece in 2010, was/is a gentle reminder of growing older, with decorum, and poise, and responding to any child who may ask one elderly person, such as I or maybe you: what did you do in the war daddy?? I am afraid I dodged that bullet, and the buff envelope that required me to go to the assigned national service recruitment centre?
    All water under the bridge now: However as those younger eyes look up at one with no malice or intent, just innocence, My mine races to give a true and honest answer! I must not destroy that trust that that younger person may have in my somewhat small world of wisdom, learnt throughout my current life times experiences..

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