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Social Prescribing

We have got a new Health Secretary, Matthew Hancock and he is full of new ideas.   Well they are old ideas really.    SOCIAL PRESCRIBING, remember these two new buzzwords, they are about to revolutionise care of older people … Continue reading

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Sugar Confusion ?

Don’t go to Chicago if you have got a sweet tooth.  The American Alzheimer’s Association has just declared that consuming two and a half teaspoons of added sugar a day raises the risk of you developing Dementia by 54% ! … Continue reading

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National DEATH Service ?

Is this the new name for the National Health Service ? After the recent report on the many premature deaths at Gosport Hospital, you might well think so, at least as far as older people are concerned ! I am … Continue reading

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Bold NHS Chief Executive ?

The Government is shortly supposed to be coming up with a Green Paper on Social Care.  The aim of the paper is to resolve the current and future funding crisis in Social Care related to the ever-growing numbers of older … Continue reading

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GP Gatekeepers

At the start of this month, I wrote about GP’s being at the front line of the NHS and their role as gatekeepers to other clinicians.     Now some of the most talented managers in the Clinical Commissioning Groups … Continue reading

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GP Satisfaction Levels

I have written quite a bit about GP’s since I started this blog.   They are the doorway to health services in the NHS and they are gatekeepers to NHS Services.     They were once universally venerated members of … Continue reading

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Doctors in two minds ?

Doctors are in a dilemma.      Anti-Depressant pills …….. or social clubs ?    What to prescribe for loneliness?     Conflicting advice has emerged just in the last two days. Listen to researchers from Oxford University and doctors should … Continue reading

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