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Dial-up Dementia

I am a  one-finger typist with a typing speed that could not keep pace with a snail.   I also don’t send, or read, or respond to text messages — it is all double-Dutch to me.    So it was particularly … Continue reading

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A Dementia Way Forward

My last two posts were prompted by the campaign launched in the Daily Mail to get the Government to address the disgraceful state of care for people with dementia in this country.   It has very successfully exposed the level … Continue reading

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Why are we in a Dementia mess?

Following on from my last post, the Daily Mail has stirred up a real hornets nest of anger about the dire state of Dementia care.  Over a 150,000 people have signed a petition supporting the Mail’s campaign.    But, the … Continue reading

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Dementia in the News again

The summer is a quiet time for news and Brexit seems to be at a standstill.   So  The Daily Mail has polished up some old news and started a campaign about the injustice of people having to sell their … Continue reading

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Deaf Ears

A report published by Exeter University and Kings College London attracted a front page headline in The Times this week. It was about a study of over 25,000 older people and it concluded that those who wore hearing aids performed … Continue reading

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Shockingly Good News !

Back in March of this year, I wrote a blog called “Smart Dementia Tracker?”  You can find it by clicking on Dementia in the Tag Cloud.  Since then, the idea has developed rather alarmingly. There has been a potentially remarkable breakthrough … Continue reading

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Under Pressure ?

The Government is under pressure at the moment and so it seems are a very large number of the population.   Blood pressure that is.    On Friday 8th March,  The Times, published two articles about the subject.     … Continue reading

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