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What’s Question 17 ?

Three weeks ago a letter about the 2021 Census dropped through our letter box.   The Census comes around every ten years, but this one is a bit different from how I remember it in the past.   For a … Continue reading

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MP’s Gravy Train !

It only seems like yesterday that our Honourable Members of Parliament were under fire for fiddling their expenses.   In fact it was several years ago and since then the rules have been tightened and an “Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority … Continue reading

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Steps and Stairs – Beware !

A step is a step too far for many older people.  Well it can be when it is a step up or a step down.    Stumbles, tumbles and falls are an everyday hazard of later life. It is not often … Continue reading

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Treat older people like rubbish

My post last week talked about the Daily Mail’s latest campaign to get people to clean up plastic rubbish.   Now my local council in Daventry has just introduced a new system for rubbish collection designed to recycle just about everything … Continue reading

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Plastic before older people

Ever since David Attenborough’s excellent TV series “Blue Planet”, there has been a rage of concern about plastic.   Plastic bags have been almost outlawed, or at least charged for.  You almost get arrested if you throw away any plastic litter.  … Continue reading

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“Elderly Bad News”

In the run up to Christmas, you hope for some news stories that spread happiness and goodwill.  So I turned to the BBC News Website for some inspiration.  Obviously you first have to pretend not to see all the stories … Continue reading

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” More Age Rage “

Two months ago I wrote  a couple of posts on pensioners in Sheffield protesting about cuts to free travel.  (see “Protesting Generation” by clicking on  January 2015 in the Archive) Now on the 23rd March at a rally in London … Continue reading

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“Protesting Generation 2”

This is a continuation of the previous blog, but I was also writing about bus passes four years ago when the Department of Transport were sounding out the possibility of removing free bus passes for elderly people.  It now looks … Continue reading

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“Protesting Generation”

Could this new year be ushering in a new generation of protestors?  Goodness knows this age of austerity looks set to continue for several years ahead and the growth in numbers of the older generation are increasingly being seen as … Continue reading

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“Unwelcome Breakfast Research”

I have always believed the adage that “breakfast sets you up for the rest of the day”.  I can never resist the “full English”, finished off with toast and Frank Cooper’s original marmalade – thick cut!  (See my earlier blogs … Continue reading

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