“Protesting Generation 2”

This is a continuation of the previous blog, but I was also writing about bus passes four years ago when the Department of Transport were sounding out the possibility of removing free bus passes for elderly people.  It now looks as though the Government has quietly passed the buck of making the cuts to local transport companies.  You can find the first blog by clicking on July 2010 in the Archive and finding “BUS PASS BUST UP”.

In Sheffield, a group of older people gathered at the railway station to protest against cuts to free bus and rail passes for older people.

Revolutionary baby boomers, obviously a real threat to society, although there were no burned flags or petrol bombs, nor any upturned buses:-

  • A school teacher
  • A former health service manager
  • A blind elderly lady
  • A man in his wheelchair
  • And many other older people

Protesters-2 (2)

The railway police clearly learning nothing from the past 50 years about how to defuse protests set about “containing” the action:-

They arrested the 65 year old protest leader;

  • Two people with sticks, presumably for walking not clubbing, were taken to hospital;
  • The man in the wheelchair was “almost” knocked over;
  • A man collapsed with breathing problems;
  • The blind lady was pushed over a wheelchair.

Then to guarantee the oxygen of national publicity, the police threatened a journalist who was filming the demonstration, that he could be arrested under the Terrorism Act.

P.S.      Fortunately the images above don’t reflect the way older people think of the police and they still command considerable respect from the elderly.  Nonetheless there is plenty for older people to protest about and I will write about this more in future blogs.

ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 145

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5 Responses to “Protesting Generation 2”

  1. Jon Cleaver says:

    I fear you may be right John. Several issues arise, firstly many young people are impatient, the ‘I want it and want it now’ mentality fed by advertisers with simple but powerful messages ‘Want it get it’ coupled with ‘have it delivered to your door’ and the fact, at the touch of a button, anything is possible, becomes the norm. Politicians also play a part promising everything delivering little, the political elites in their ivory towers, grabbing what they can. Many children today are not nurtured in a way that once it was, fighting a world they think does not care, leading to a mentality of you must fight for what you want. Age presents its own problems, illness and disability, although to an extent even with this, many conditions are controllable or even cured, resulting in a fitter older age group than when ExtraCare was founded to care for our less fortunate elders. I too, think there will be a feisty, determined older age group who will not be humbled and pushed to the back of the pile and will demand their rights and rebel.

  2. Thats cool, Dude! and in someway true,. I just wonder how we can channel this energy into the benifit of us all as a society. I am becoming very aware of the looming elections and the politics of the parties, and that distatse for Mrs Thatcher at the time and her now sucessors. WE now have the Labour Party with toffs and academics chanting the class envy of the ‘Not Haves’.
    It is time for middle england to stand up, and show some strong beliefs and a little compassion for those less fortunate.
    We have not been a generation or two who have gone through 2 world wars, lost nearest and dearest, and fought for a/the common good. To some extent we have lost our way and moral compass, and the thoughts of merry england are for the individual, and what can I get out of life?
    I do not wish to support conflict, in any format: However we must have a common goal for the good of us all, and just maybe the fox in the hen coupe metaphorically, while spouting bytes we wish to hear, without any thought, they are on the right road to ask questions of each and eveyone of us. What do we what? as a society. To detest allah is not the answer neither should we let the extremists terroroise us, We need clear headed and cool thinkers leading us into the 21st. Centuary.
    The Men in the grey suits may dictate the rules and how they are implemented, But we do need political leaders of moral fibre and social standing to moke us all think, and bring the Grey suits into line and accountable.
    Politics of coalition are not a British scene as a rule: However maybe we have to think our way forward, and let the occassional fox join the hen coupe, to clear out the dead wood??

  3. john graham says:

    Sounds like I have found two older protesters in these last two comments. You will both be manning the barricades next 🙂

  4. Jon Cleaver says:

    Ye–sss. My Mentor on caring is brilliant? Ha Ha.

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