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“BabyBoomers Housebound”

Two weeks ago I wrote about a very upmarket retirement housing project in London.  Only very wealthy people need apply because it was a money-no-object solution for downsizers with pots of gold at the end of their rainbow time working … Continue reading

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“Baby Booming Rich”

Last week I wrote about the option many home owning baby boomers have to cash in the equity accumulated in their house over the years and secure themselves a smaller rented home.    Thereby releasing cash to buy themselves a … Continue reading

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“Baby Boom in Renting”

The baby boomer generation have changed things in society all their lives.    Now they may be doing it again, this time in housing.    Throughout their growing up years, the Holy Grail was to own your own home.  In … Continue reading

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“Christening Granddad”

According to Saga magazine, the baby boomers no longer wish to become “grannies” and “granddads” as they reach their third generation.  Apparently they don’t like the implication that they are getting old. So rather than becoming proud grandparents and responding … Continue reading

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“Tensions between generations?”

An insightful and inciting article in The Times by economics correspondent Anatoly Kaletsky poses a challenging question for us all in the years ahead.  He rightly points out that the current difficult economic crisis is nothing compared to the full cost … Continue reading

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How did we become such a burden!

(Unraveling the demographic and economic clash.) Everyone agrees there are a lot more older people around these days because they are all living longer.  Trouble is they are also a lot frailer which is why they are costing so much … Continue reading

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