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Baby Boomer Plasters

There are 15 million older people in the U.K. and that number will increase by 24% by 2040.   So it represents the fastest growing sector of the population.     In marketing terms it is the least well understood … Continue reading

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Memory Card Readers

I can’t imagine why anyone would want a card reader.   I can read my cards all by myself.   Perhaps they get a lot more fan mail than I do, or receive hundreds of Christmas cards which they don’t … Continue reading

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“Timpson Tie Up”

One of the great challenges when you are growing up is learning to tie up shoe laces.  These are the days before Velcro.  Nothing was more embarrassing than not being able to tie your own shoe laces when you went … Continue reading

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“Daylight Robbery”

Most robbery is done in the dark.  More daring robbery in the day usually requires a disguise. Pirates had patches over one eye.  Stagecoach robbers in cowboy films had their neckerchiefs pulled up over their faces.  Modern day jewellery thieves … Continue reading

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It’s your funeral 😄

Buying a funeral plan is a way of making sure there is  enough money to pay for your last big send off yourself, rather than leaving the bill to be picked up by unhappy relatives when you are gone.   … Continue reading

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“Age UK – Not So Cheap !”

Just as I predicted, Age UK is back in the news again with more bad news. (This follows on from the three previous blogs which you can see by clicking on “Age UK ” in the Tag Cloud). After the … Continue reading

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“Age UK – Cheap Products ?”

Almost five years ago I attended the Age UK Annual Conference and below I am publishing the blog I wrote after than meeting.  It’s relevant to the blog I posted on the 14th February 2016 about the Age UK brand.  You can see in … Continue reading

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