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Sugar Confusion ?

Don’t go to Chicago if you have got a sweet tooth.  The American Alzheimer’s Association has just declared that consuming two and a half teaspoons of added sugar a day raises the risk of you developing Dementia by 54% ! … Continue reading

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Eat Your Greens

What a wonderful Christmas present.   A cure to fend off dementia may be within our grasp. A study at Rush University in Chicago shows that eating more green vegetables may stave off dementia. The Government is always keen to … Continue reading

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Dementia Back in the News

At the beginning of this month I wrote a blog about the news not being  new but just repeating itself.     I could have dug deeper and concluded the the main reason news repeats itself is the nothing gets … Continue reading

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Dolphins, Dementia and Swimming

“Incredibly interesting”  are the words Professor Simon Lovestone an old age psychiatrist at Oxford University uses to describe a study of dolphins with dementia. It is a collaboration between researchers in Florida and Scotland based on examining the brains of … Continue reading

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Dementia Friendly Hospitals?

The Government has announced a new iniative on this, which is to spend £50million making hospitals and Care Homes “dementia friendly” . I am intrigued, because hospitals by their very nature are strange environments for people with dementia.   What … Continue reading

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Do it yourself Dementia Care.

In their desperation to cope with the tsunami of dementia that is overwhelming the NHS some clinicians are resorting to consulting staff and even relatives of patients.     An interesting report of an audit by the Royal Chollege of … Continue reading

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Dementia won’t go away.

I wrote about the growing problem of dementia only a week ago and stories are starting to appear in the press every other day.    In fact I have been writing about the subject ever since I started this blog.    … Continue reading

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