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Do it yourself Dementia Care.

In their desperation to cope with the tsunami of dementia that is overwhelming the NHS some clinicians are resorting to consulting staff and even relatives of patients.     An interesting report of an audit by the Royal Chollege of … Continue reading

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Dementia won’t go away.

I wrote about the growing problem of dementia only a week ago and stories are starting to appear in the press every other day.    In fact I have been writing about the subject ever since I started this blog.    … Continue reading

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Oranges might slow down Dementia.

I wrote a lot about dementia the early days of this blog.    ( You can see all the posts on this subject by clicking on Dementia in the Topics List).      I rather gave up after writing about … Continue reading

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Dementia won’t go away !

Dementia is definitely one of the diseases of the day.   If not the disease of the day.   This is not so much dementia week, as the dementia era. It is an illness which nobody really understands and for which there … Continue reading

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“A Glimmer of Dementia Hope”

Once again the Journal of Gerontology has published some interesting research on ageing. The researchers studied 6,500 British people aged between 50 and 90 and examined their cognitive decline over 8 years.  To check their mental ability, they used word … Continue reading

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“Two Pomegranates”

It seems like only yesterday that I was blogging about pomegranates.  (See my earlier blogs by clicking in the archive on December 2014 and look for “Too good to be true”).  Now like buses, two come along in quick succession. … Continue reading

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“Dementia – Bad and Good News”

Some interesting research published in The Oxford Post Graduate Medical Journal about the risk of getting dementia. The bad news is that people who are obese in middle age are 50% more likely to develop dementia in later life.  It … Continue reading

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