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Smart Dementia Tracker ?

At a time when Brexit is dominating every headline and the Government is in a complete mess, Ministers are searching around for any daft idea that will capture them a bit of attention.    The problem when you are desperate … Continue reading

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Quick Fix Depression

20% OF OLDER PEOPLE ARE TAKING ANTI-DEPRESSANTS! The number is rising every year.   Have they become the new ‘go-away pill’ of the year.  In the quick-fix, cure-all, out-of-sight, out-of-mind GP service and the bed-blocked, older-people-are-a-constant-nuisance NHS. A double page … Continue reading

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Dementia Repeats Itself

Sufferers of dementia are renowned for their forgetfulness and recognised by their tendency to repeat the same questions over and over.     I first came across this when I opened a nursing home called Newfield House in Coventry in … Continue reading

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Sugar Confusion ?

Don’t go to Chicago if you have got a sweet tooth.  The American Alzheimer’s Association has just declared that consuming two and a half teaspoons of added sugar a day raises the risk of you developing Dementia by 54% ! … Continue reading

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Eat Your Greens

What a wonderful Christmas present.   A cure to fend off dementia may be within our grasp. A study at Rush University in Chicago shows that eating more green vegetables may stave off dementia. The Government is always keen to … Continue reading

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Dementia Back in the News

At the beginning of this month I wrote a blog about the news not being  new but just repeating itself.     I could have dug deeper and concluded the the main reason news repeats itself is the nothing gets … Continue reading

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Dolphins, Dementia and Swimming

“Incredibly interesting”  are the words Professor Simon Lovestone an old age psychiatrist at Oxford University uses to describe a study of dolphins with dementia. It is a collaboration between researchers in Florida and Scotland based on examining the brains of … Continue reading

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