Smart Dementia Tracker ?

At a time when Brexit is dominating every headline and the Government is in a complete mess, Ministers are searching around for any daft idea that will capture them a bit of attention.    The problem when you are desperate is that you don’t think it through !  Here’s a great example, being championed by headline grabbing Health Minister – Matthew Hancock :-

A front page headline in the Daily Mail, 4th Feb, “DEMENTIA PATIENTS TO BE TRACKED BY SMART METERS”.    It deserves to be in bold capital letters because it would be such a breakthrough in the safeguarding of such vulnerable people !

Of course, this is only going to work if the electricity boards around the country take a sudden paternalistic interest in looking after the thousands of older people with dementia who live on their own.   I can’t see why they would do this, but you never know !

According to the report of a research study at Liverpool John Moores University in conjunction with Mersey Care NHS Trust, your every move, every 10 seconds could be monitored.     Then if you don’t switch the kettle on at the scheduled time or if you open the back door when you are not expected to, a carer, presumably from the electricity board, could rush to your assistance.    Or if you fall asleep in front of the tele they could at least phone your relations in the middle of the night and let them know about this waste of energy.

This might be a very good idea.   Or it may be yet another reason to persuade you to have a Smart Meter installed 😀

By the way, Ministers have promised that every home should have a Smart Meter by 2020. Happily the installation programme is massively behind schedule and way over budget.

Watch out, Big Brother is about !!!!!!

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3 Responses to Smart Dementia Tracker ?

  1. Tonytiger

    Dear “”john””you are rattling the bars of my cage? I once remember an advertisement for petrol, by -esso- and if you filled up your car with the esso petrol being promoted you had a-“ Tiger. In your tank!!! “ all raring to go? I am ready!!!

    This piece on smart metres and dementia, and tracking of the vunerable older persons is to some extent positive, but in human, and the PC brigade would say “tosh” go away and play with onese!f. It is all in a mindset?

    While working i was sometimes in an environment where i was tracked for my own safety [regulatory requirement!], and still accepted the issue and felt safe, and secure.

    Now as an older citezen i had to decide with my wife on approaching retirement, where did we wish to live, in safety, security and comfort, and yet affordable? We looked around, and there were many a bolt hole being offered in the district.

    We chose actively between us an Extracare Charitable Trust retirement village, and have resided now in that village for 12 very happy year’s.

    We have within the village a proportion of dementia and alhzimiers suffers. In a village environment provided it is not saturated with dementia, and alhziers suffers, then we all can survive on a simple good neighbourly way of living, with some form of support for those in need :: such help being domicillary care.

    What i am alluding too is if one is proactive and has thought through one life style, there are solutions, and living in isolation in ones castle upon retirement is a Choice, and very personal, but if you wish neighbourlry companionship, then may be one has to make a different choice, and maybe be prepared to integrate into a social society such as a retirement village.

    The choice as always is yours, and the government generally react to a crisis? Will the proportional of older people within the UK population decline??? Do we need more retirement village?? And are we going to be an aging society for the next 40/50 years, will be capably of keeping the UK a viable prosperous country??? Answers on a post card please!!!

  2. Goody the sponser of this site fitfabfun are promoting skin flashes and moles, and i believe are ready to consider voting for the LLLP on April 1st, as they may appear confused about “” beauty spots”????

  3. Well, well, well Westminster are having fun are they not? At our expense??? Now i just wonder who we have at the LL L P as our speaker???

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