Lady Fitzroy-Herbert-Fitzroy popped into my head today and now she won’t go away.   I don’t know where she comes from, I don’t know who she is.  I am sure I’ve never met her, but there she is.

Like a long-lost song, with a tune you remember, but the lyrics are long forgotten.    I need a Spotify for names, a musical reminder.

Lady Fitzroy-Herbert-Fitzroy surfaced in the early hours, just before I properly woke up, and I know she will irritate me all day.   Where did she come from ?  Where and when will she go ?

I know, I’ll Google her and find a thousand Fitzroy-Herbert’s.  Perhaps she invented SHERBERT ?

There were Herbert’s at school, maybe that’s where she’s from.  Although, they were called Right-Herberts.

So Google, here we go.  Get me out of this miserable mystery.   What is this accidental mental history?

According to Google there are only two Fitzroy-Herberts living  in the UK and they both live in Cardiff.   There’s a connection with my history, at least she could be Welsh.   I wonder what happened to the other Fitzroy?    Any way I am sure it’s not them.   Maybe it’s an ancestor?

There is a Fitzroy-Herbert in the Victorian era, who was an architect with a very large practice, so there’s another connection, but I have never heard of him, or her.

Then, there is the well-known politician, William Fitzroy-Herbert.  Although, not so well-known now as evidently he was in the 1830’s.  Could he have been married to Lady Fitzroy-Herbert-Fitzroy ?

I guess I will just have to leave it for another day, before I Google my life away 🙂

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7 Responses to Nonsense

  1. Now laddie, what on earth are you talking about,dreams, and nanya!, mind mind is in termoil,and i just dream as you do?
    Firstly Fitzroy is a fantasy person from one of my many visit to the public gents loo, whether i am sjgging on the poe scribbling on the wall or back of ghe door, or just admiring the many words of wisdom, and then standing at a urinal, either wetting my shoes or scoring a double 20, i am just in amazement of Fitzroys exploits?
    With respect to dreams i just keep my mind above my naval, and enjoy the exploits of smiles and grumbles, sort out my priorities, and wake up refreshed ready to fight lifes on going battles, and looking forward to the smiles and “good morning” friendly greetings from my fellow friends and residents in our retirement village. John as a friend you bring a smile to my fizzogg, and pleasure even if I visit a fitzroy,s establishment and contemplate one of lifes necessities.

  2. Sjigging should be sitting and then the word the!

  3. My mozt sincere and asteemed apologies for the above, “”off the cuff remarks””
    Ihave had two reasonsto be apologetic:-
    1= i found on the web if one inserted the name “fitzroy herbert”” oneca e up with a web -“” memorial site “”- to this wwi general/ rank? And if one wished one could add their own tributes to the fallen, intheir own way then join the followers [ Twitter?].
    2= now i come tomy level of thinking, and my irreverence, i reread the ++blog+ above by john and highlighted on his dreaming??? Well i never i Had a giggle1. The name FITZROY IN old english has the meaning of -” son of a king,??? John = who art tho? My son???,and then if i entered lady fitzroy on the web i came up with a red haired lady of strong desires? This time i was creased up with laugher, john dreaming in bed with his curlers and hair net in place, and mo fast asleep with dainty coloured ear plugs in her ear holes?? To prevemt john ‘s long/ loud drawn out but deep sonic snores from arousing her from the sleep of the “just”

  4. I have in the long traditions of my membership of the LLLLP, AND as a ragamuffin apointd my self as hon. Treasurer of the LLLP, AND WISH as the tax year ends to present the accounts to the chairman-John , and the auditors of the accounts.
    I wish you all to note we have not recieved a nickel or a dime from anyone?
    There has been no monopoly money forwarded?
    There have been no old coins such as fathings and halpennies thrupencies put into our collention boxes?
    And there again outside all the London mainline stations our devoted followers have just given us a raspberry?
    These acconts are true and honest and published before the 1st. April. Our LLLP ELECTION DAY!. And just in case the HM revenue Tax office declares us as fraudulent, and “fly by nights” for the tax year 2018-19
    Ps if we do have a windfall, and not a lot of “passing wind” i have recommended that all honest savings from the coffers of the LLLP are put on a single a bet to win- on the nose of the horse/ nag that carries the number 15 in tomorrow ‘s saturday’s grand national race.

  5. I do not wish to spoil your enjoyment of John’s blog, with my errors and many spelling mistakes! I apologise most sincerely as i come to grips with my finger problems on my tablet. Please forgive this old duffer of 76 years?

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