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“Peak Stuff”

Economists are funny people with some very strange ideas.   They are always forecasting things which rarely come true.   Today I read for the first time about the theory of “peak stuff”.  It is not a concept I have … Continue reading

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Rambling research begins again

It was a month ago when I started my Rambling Research, wading through the ether of the internet trying to find something useful to do.  In my first blog on the subject, I discovered SARCOPENIA.  Then in my very next … Continue reading

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Bitcoin News !

What have I started ?    I only briefly mentioned bitcoins a few days ago in my last blog and now it is all over the front page of The Times.     What’s more, people have been speculating on this new … Continue reading

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“My Little Tin Box”

When I was young we didn’t have a lot of money and I remember my mum used to have a tin box on the mantlepiece where she saved money for the rent, the insurance, Christmas, my school uniform – a … Continue reading

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