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“Hang the curtains!”

While care of older people in residential care homes languishes in a perilous position – under-funded, staffed largely by unqualified staff and inspected by tick box regulators – the Care Minister, Mr Norman Lamb, has come up with a bold … Continue reading

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“Active Ageing”

Britain’s chief medical officers issued new guidance on exercise this month.  It was a straight forward and encouraging report because it emphasised that moderate exercise was good for you.  No need to be working up a sweat in the gym … Continue reading

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“Pill – Kill or Cure”

I first wrote about the excessive amount of pills we all have in our homes way back on the 7th September 2010. The “Pills for Everything” blog talked about the cure-all drug dependency culture we have developed thanks to the … Continue reading

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“Neglect Shames Britain” – 5

Headlines in the Daily Mail again on the subject of the inhumane treatment of the elderly in NHS hospitals – “Elderly patients dying of thirst“. This is a continuation of a campaign started nearly six months ago under the front … Continue reading

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Southern Cross card game televised. 6

  The Southern Cross card game is now being watched by millions on TV.  The Chairman was forced to come out into the public gaze and submit to an inquisition by John Snow on Channel 4 News. Meanwhile, the newspapers … Continue reading

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“The Last Chance Saloon” – Southern Cross 5

I first started talking about Southern Cross in my blog “Houses built on Sand” (16th January 2011), when I forecast the melt down of the company unless the Government took action – which I did not expect them to do. … Continue reading

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“Swimming with Sharks” – Southern Cross 4

In my time with ExtraCare Charitable Trust, we often did very adventurous things with our elderly residents.  Sailing, climbing, canoeing, absailing and horse riding were all accomplished by the hundreds of residents who went to the Calvert Trust Outward Bound Centre … Continue reading

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“A Die-Lemma”

Dying is not a subject most people want to contemplate.  It engenders sad emotions and fearful prospects.  Nonetheless, it is a subject which we will all have to face more frequently as our population ages. What prompted me to write … Continue reading

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“Southern Cross Card Play”

In the weeks following my blog “Southern Cross Poker Game” (see 5 April 2011), there have been a few cards played but no winning moves just yet. Southern Cross Management – made the first move when their Chairman resigned and … Continue reading

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“SOUTHERN CROSS POKER GAME – Residential Care Dilemma” 3

The history of residential care has had its highs and lows over the years (see “Residential Care Dilemma dated 12 October 2010).  At times there has been rapid growth and high profits, but always on shaky foundations (see “Houses Built … Continue reading

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