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“Age UK” – The Last Straw

Just as I predicted a few weeks ago in my blogs about Age UK’s commercial deals (see “Age UK” in the TAG CLOUD for the previous posts). The Charity Commission have been provoked into action. The recent negative publicity about … Continue reading

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“Age UK – Not So Cheap !”

Just as I predicted, Age UK is back in the news again with more bad news. (This follows on from the three previous blogs which you can see by clicking on “Age UK ” in the Tag Cloud). After the … Continue reading

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“Age UK – Cheap Products ?”

Almost five years ago I attended the Age UK Annual Conference and below I am publishing the blog I wrote after than meeting.  It’s relevant to the blog I posted on the 14th February 2016 about the Age UK brand.  You can see in … Continue reading

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“Age UK – A Caution Unheeded”

My previous blog focused on the difficulties that Age UK had got itself into by promoting commercial products and receiving commissions for their introduction.  Essentially, I think this is a good thing to do because it, not only brings income … Continue reading

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“Brand Age UK”

Not too many years ago the two leading brands related to age in the UK were all about old age, frailty and people “in need”.   Help The Aged was the main campaigning voice for the sector and Age Concern … Continue reading

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” More Age Rage “

Two months ago I wrote  a couple of posts on pensioners in Sheffield protesting about cuts to free travel.  (see “Protesting Generation” by clicking on  January 2015 in the Archive) Now on the 23rd March at a rally in London … Continue reading

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“A Glimmer of Dementia Hope”

Once again the Journal of Gerontology has published some interesting research on ageing. The researchers studied 6,500 British people aged between 50 and 90 and examined their cognitive decline over 8 years.  To check their mental ability, they used word … Continue reading

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“Failure to adapt”

Some recent work by AGE UK has highlighted the delays elderly people experience in securing aids and adaptations to their homes before they can leave hospital.  New figures suggest that some older people can spend a month longer in hospital, … Continue reading

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“Hang the curtains!”

While care of older people in residential care homes languishes in a perilous position – under-funded, staffed largely by unqualified staff and inspected by tick box regulators – the Care Minister, Mr Norman Lamb, has come up with a bold … Continue reading

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“Hungry Age”

A recent study by the raging ageing campaign organisation AGE UK, found that nearly one million older people in Britain are skimping on meals to pay utility bills.  They point out that rises in the cost of living have outpaced … Continue reading

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