“A Glimmer of Dementia Hope”

Once again the Journal of Gerontology has published some interesting research on ageing.

The researchers studied 6,500 British people aged between 50 and 90 and examined their cognitive decline over 8 years.  To check their mental ability, they used word recall tests and found that users of the internet in the group studied were 3% better at recalling words than non-users.

This is interesting, although pretty slim evidence, but the impact could be much greater as internet use increases amongst the elderly.  Currently only 56% of people in the UK between 65 and 74 have internet access.  That translates to a much smaller percentage among the older population as a whole.

Using the internet is a powerful way of exercising the brain and has the potential to dramatically enhance the connections older people can make way beyond word recall.

Since social isolation is also a significant factor in developing dementia, this study could have far wider implications for older people.

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1 Response to “A Glimmer of Dementia Hope”

  1. Very interesting and invigorating. My thought process in not in byetes, but I am sure as was true as a younger person, ‘ good bad woman’ is a dose of medicine. The computer, way like with its web is excellent way at discussing ones thoughts: however I miss that ‘good bad woman’ to give me ear ache, and a good send off to the naughty corner,

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