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“Neglect Shames Britain” 4

ST DAVID’S DAY REFLECTION February 2011 was quite a momentus month of news about the elderly.  I don’t think I can remember a month with so many front page headlines and numerous graphic accounts of neglect of the elderly.  Not … Continue reading

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“Neglect Shames Britain 2”

Two days after the Patients’ Association and Daily Mail campaign to improve NHS care of the elderly started, it continues to attract attention.  Thanks to the information provided through the Patients’ Association helpline and the continued excellent coverage in the … Continue reading

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“Neglect Shames Britain”

I have often criticised the “Daily Mail” for it’s over sensational headlines, particularly those that raise unnecessary fears for older people.  The title of this blog is their front page headline of the 2nd December and for that they deserve … Continue reading

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       I have complained a lot about over-sensational newspaper headlines which only succeed in worrying older people, but today I would have been pleased to see this as a front page headline   –    “Widespread neglect of elderly patients revealed”.   Instead it made … Continue reading

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