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Back in the olden days of my memory, communication was simple.     You spoke to people face to face, or  from a greater distance you telephoned or wrote to people.  In my childhood I rarely spoke on the telephone. … Continue reading

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Second Unicorn Ramble

We are on a roll with ideas for unicorn start-up companies specifically for the older generation.   It may not be so easy to get out and about as you used to, but what if you could virtually accompany someone … Continue reading

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New Year Virtual Ramble

This is a continuation of my ramble through Silicon Valley and stumbling on the magical mythical unicorn.    This is geekie speak which I will explain, before we start.     A “unicorn company” is a start-up tech business that … Continue reading

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A New Year Ramble

This New Year 2018 morning I rambled, or more like stumbled, into the new world of techie Silicon Valley.    I don’t even know how I got there,  I just got there out of the clouds.  In the dim not … Continue reading

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Memory Card Readers — Post Script

In the middle of writing my previous blog about card readers, my iPad flashed up a message that the battery was getting low.  No problem.  It happens most days but with my newly acquired geeky skills, to recharge it I … Continue reading

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Memory Card Readers

I can’t imagine why anyone would want a card reader.   I can read my cards all by myself.   Perhaps they get a lot more fan mail than I do, or receive hundreds of Christmas cards which they don’t … Continue reading

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As the Brexit negotiations continue, the Last Laugh Looney Party, continues to take a prominent lead in the discussions.  After the success they had in reaching agreement in banning packaging, they moved forward with the progressive proposals on “small print”. … Continue reading

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“Same Old, Same Old – Technology Age Gap”

This is a follow-up to the last blog – “Repetitive News Headlines” and picks up on the theme of how the introduction of new technology is moving faster than older people’s’ ability to keep up.  (Click in the TAG CLOUD on “Same … Continue reading

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“Friends” 1

  “Who will visit you when you’re old and cold?” Not a question you think of asking yourself when you’re young.  Then you probably have lots of Facebook friends, but Facebook friendship can be fickle.  It may not last a … Continue reading

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“Switched on Granny”

More and more pensioners are using the internet, at least according to retirement housing developer McCarthy and Stone. Amongst 600 older people they studied, half own tablets of the computer kind, rather than those given out by their doctor.  Three … Continue reading

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