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“iPhone Geek”

As a new old geek on the block, whenever I go out now it is essential that I can be in contact with all my Facebook, Twittering, Texting friends at all times.    So I need a mobile phone.    Not one of … Continue reading

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“Old Geek 3”

Now I am really getting into being an old geek; I think I should get an MP3 player.    I don’t know what one is, but all my new young mates down the arcade have them.    They keep them plugged in … Continue reading

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“Old Geek 2”

In my new-found head long rush to be an elderly geek staying one jump ahead of my new cool young mates in the games arcade, I have got to get a new digital watch. (See my earlier post on this subject … Continue reading

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“I want to be an old Geek”

As I get older I get more and more like the grumpy old man in the GrumbleSmiles banner to my blog, but I don’t want to be seen as an old git.    I would rather be :- “AN OLD GEEK” … Continue reading

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“Simple Connections”

A while ago I was grumbling about the complexity of modern technology for many older people.   What appears and appeals to the younger generation as the latest advance in easy living, is anything but to their grandparents.   (See my … Continue reading

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Money under the Mattress

Only a few months ago I was writing about how older people are getting left behind by new technology. (Click on the 2 sept 2012 in the Archive) Now a report by The Payments Council has highlighted the difficulties older … Continue reading

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“Where is the Grindle?”

I started a blog about how technology, instead of assisting elderly people and opening up their lives, is in many cases only serving to isolate them even further.  (To see the blog click on “TECHNOLOGY GAP” in the TAG CLOUD). … Continue reading

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“Technology Gap”

This blog is the beginning of a grumble, but it should be a smile.  It is about the elderly market, and the number of new products that arrive almost every day that should make our lives easier and therefore make … Continue reading

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