“Switched on Granny”

More and more pensioners are using the internet, at least according to retirement housing developer McCarthy and Stone.

Amongst 600 older people they studied, half own tablets of the computer kind, rather than those given out by their doctor.  Three quarters had a laptop or a desktop computer.  47% of the study group had a Smart Phone.

These ownership figures are very high compared the UK elderly population as a whole, which no doubt reflects the fact that people who buy McCarthy and Stone homes have downsized to buy a new home and probably have more disposable income.

So, although it is not representative of all older people, this small survey is an indication of how retirement housing and the internet can open up a new life.  Talking to friends with a live video link on Skype for free; watching the world go by on YouTube video as an escape from daytime TV; chatting to family / friends and sharing photos on Facebook.

It can be a more connected world out there if you switch on.

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3 Responses to “Switched on Granny”

  1. Time for a blether, do you have the time?
    Reading the posts blogs this one, long house and upsizing and EMFV, my vacant mind has driftted to other thoughts! Day time TV has 3 progammes on travel/opportunities for travel and property Viz: Escape to the Country, Home or away, Escape to the sun of to the winters sun all on BBC/More 4 channels.
    I look at the participants and from My straw pole I note the majority are second home buyers, the greater majority who have retired or given up full time work. It interests me to see where they pitch their tent in order to enjoy retirement and the fullfillment of a quiet or more socialable life?
    Hence with my finger in my fundemental orifice and my mind in neutral I ask the questions:
    1 When and at what age does one retire?
    2 Do you have enforced retirement and have to downsize? for financial reasons
    3 What does the forseeable future hold for ones self?
    4 Does one take into account pension payouts when (If you are a couple) when one or other of you ‘pops ones clogs’?
    5 Do you consider the day when one may require assistance in living a daily active life?
    6 Is one satisfied with ones own company either in a community or literally living in the sticks
    7 Does one consider commumnity well being and transport for the everyday things of life.
    A virtual village will support one, and give one comfort: However will it answer all the questions above, or is a virtual village for the ‘UrbanItes and city dwellers amongst us? I wonder.
    Thank goodnes that is my blether and lesson for today.
    Tomorrow is another day on my soapbox, I trust reading your honest to goodness comments, whom or who ever you may be, will enlighten me?.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I have just had another quiet moment? When I was young and nubile and travelled in my job to a number of places within Europe, and later to the drydocks of Singapore, even the USA, as a member of the shipping industry: I would reflect after a days work was done and think of home family and friends back in the UK (Blighty). Nothing exotic just qiet moments of reflection, with my thoughts.
    This brings me to the modern day retiree’s to the places basically in Europe and The USA, I have that occassional question(s) to pose? On an evening in their newly retired environment, do they miss the banter and bohemie of the english language and its prose? Do they appriciate the humour of their new found surroundings? Do they seek out the communities of like minds and mother tongue, to keep that loneliness at bay, that I used to feel as a stranger among colleagues in my younger days while at work in all these towns and cites around the world.
    Hey Ho! and then what if one is left to live a life alone? It is all romantic while one may do these things as a younger person, and with the partner/family or friends, and have time to learn the tongue of the host country and get to know the local inhabitants, so that one as one becomes decrepid( in both body and mind and soul) and maybe the onset of diesases and ailments of the older person, one can banter and reflect in ones earlier life with common points of interest, and appricate that subutle sense of humour that a mother tongue like english, can bring to ones daily life, and lift one from dearyness to a moment or two of pure indulgence and happiness.
    This is the truth I would seek out in a virtual village, or actual retirement in a retirement village environment.

  3. Brian says:

    You can write a comment HERE if you are “A SWITCHED ON GRANNIE OR GRANDAD”

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