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Move to the Country – 4

Every year Prudential publishes its Retirement Quality of Life Index for England and Wales.   It is eagerly awaited by thousands of older people because it tells you the best place to live if you want a happy, healthy life. … Continue reading

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Government Report on Ageing 2013

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In their de-cluttering efforts the Tidy Bears rediscovered a House of Lords Select Committee report I was given in March 2013, entitled ” Ready for Ageing ? ”    I can’t imagine why I didn’t write about it at the time, maybe I didn’t … Continue reading

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“On the move yet again!”

The Office of National Statistics is supposed to be a font of all knowledge about the demographics of the UK.    However, a note of caution is needed if you are thinking of moving house to relocate to a healthier … Continue reading

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“Move to the Country” 3

Two years ago I wrote a blog recommending you move to Dorset if you want to live longer.    See May 28 2010, in the Archive. I must apologise to anyone who took me seriously and moved.   A more upto date … Continue reading

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“Uneconomic Prediction”

I don’t venture into discussing economics in this blog because it’s not a subject I pretend to understand.  In these heady days of the credit crunch aftermath, the potential melt-down of the European Union and ever-present threat of an ongoing … Continue reading

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“Move to the Country” 2

Back on the 28 May 2010, I wrote about the virtues of moving to the country on your 76th Birthday which was supported by recently published demographic statistics about living longer. On the 9th February I went to a Government … Continue reading

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76th Birthday? Move to the Country

As I write this blog sitting in my quiet country cottage garden, I may be about to be joined by thousands of older people.  An official report by the Government Office of National Statistics confirms that you are likely to … Continue reading

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