“Move to the Country” 3

Two years ago I wrote a blog recommending you move to Dorset if you want to live longer.    See May 28 2010, in the Archive.

I must apologise to anyone who took me seriously and moved.   A more upto date study by actuaries Towers Watson has now suggested that Hinton St. George in Somerset is the best place to live if you want the longest life expectancy.  A man of  65 could expect to live until 88.7 and his wife of the same age will live on until she is 91.6.

The downside is that you will be living among lots of barristers, teachers and vicars, who all seem to enjoy long lives.  Still the pub quizes should be good.

Isn’t it amazing how statistics can be so useful in helping us live our lives.  I am sorry though if you have to move again, but it may give you a few more years.

For anyone reading this who lives in Bootle, you are predicted to live 5.5 years less.   So if you can afford the move to Somerset and are good at pub quizes, I should get on with it without delay.

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1 Response to “Move to the Country” 3

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Bootle is not too bad,. Like all cites in the UK Liverpool has its suburbs, and you have picked BOotle that is where the HSE hang out, and that is for the benifit of us all: Although they can be a little picki in the way they do things.

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