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Social Don’t Care Bill.

Nine words of nothing. That is the sum total of what the Government had to say in last weeks Queens speech about social care. A shameful betrayal of frail older people, but, no different to what has been going on … Continue reading

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£168.50 per week !

That is the National State Pension in the UK.    Or put another way it is about £8,000 a year.   Obviously that must be successive Government’s view of how much you need to live on.      Surely everyone wants … Continue reading

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Social Care Wrong-Footed.

Prime Minister Bodj has pledged to sort out social care funding in his first 100 days in office   The trouble is that he has started out on the wrong foot by promising that ”older people can keep their own … Continue reading

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Television Benefits 😀

This is a great storey of how good can come out of a bad idea.    It is also a storey of cowardly policy, disregard of older people’s views, unintended consequences and happily a potentially a very good end result … Continue reading

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Deaf Ears

A report published by Exeter University and Kings College London attracted a front page headline in The Times this week. It was about a study of over 25,000 older people and it concluded that those who wore hearing aids performed … Continue reading

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Dignity be damned again !

Care homes are again in the headlines.     The Daily Mail has once again raised its campaigning banner “Dignity for the Elderly”.  It’s been a very long and wholly ineffective effort.   It started way back in 2010, when … Continue reading

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TV No Longer Free ? Part Two

This follows on from my last post about the BBC reviewing the free TV licenses currently given to all over 75’s. The Beeb is launching a consultation, which means they would like to scrap free licences, but they don’t know … Continue reading

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TV No Longer Free ?

A few years ago the Government quietly passed responsibility for “free TV licenses for over 75’s” over to the BBC.    It was announced in the Chancellor’s budget statement, but attracted little comment.  The Government used to foot the bill … Continue reading

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Floodgates of Death

This post follows from my previous two blogs “National Death Service” and “Polly Toynbee certainty”. It is just a matter of time now before they open the Floodgates of Death.    Legitimise assisted suicide and inadvertently condemn a generation to … Continue reading

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Polly Toynbee’s Death Bed

This post follows on from my blog last week about the “National Death Service”. I wasn’t the only one to take note of the Jones report on early deaths at Gosport Hospital.    Just days after its publication, Polly Toynbee, … Continue reading

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