£168.50 per week !

That is the National State Pension in the UK.    Or put another way it is about £8,000 a year.   Obviously that must be successive Government’s view of how much you need to live on.      Surely everyone wants older people to have a happy life in old age, so that must be how much you need.

It is lower than the minimum wage —— if you say £8.50 per hour for a 35 hour working week, which amounts to around £15, ooo a year.   The State pension is about half of it and as the minimum wage goes up in the next few years the pension will slip proportionately lower.

Still, older people can live quite cheaply.    No kids to support, no mortgage to pay for, they don’t have to buy all the latest branded clothes or to fork out for clubs and booze at the weekend.     A new car is a thing of the past and who needs a holiday when your old ?     That must be the Governments thinking.


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2 Responses to £168.50 per week !

  1. Afewbob!
    Interesting and thought provoking comments? I must go back to my mum and dads pensionable pay from the ‘STATE’ and their respective employers.
    When I trace back, in the ‘GOOD OLD DAYS’ a pensionable life was a matter of concern, and living -[how long?- average age 75- 80?] after the national retirement age of 65 and 60 respectfully for a man and woman, and then a woman could not earn sufficient ’’qualifying years’’ for an independent pension, and a married couple/partnership had to consider a married pension, and in the event of death of the husband a widows pension?
    Today’s arrangements are, or maybe considered fairer to wives and mothers! As to the amount John is alluding too, like always very personal, especially for the next generation?
    The side swipe at the older generation [retiree’s] is I believe to be taken with ‘a pinch of salt’! Those that have reached retirement age now 67-65-Men and women, may be appear to have less outgoings? However I wish to challenge those thoughts, unless you may be one of the many on state benefits/social aid etc!
    Most of us have had a full working life and for retirement, with the 25% pension payout{??}, non taxable, in lieu of a full pension for life. Many wish as we did Molly and I, and having the time on our hands for a holiday of a lifetime outside the UK to lands of our/your dreams: Provided one is pragmatic and realistic this can be achieved, without in the later years being unable to meet ones commitments for day to day living, rental charges, poll tax-community charges?, and then having to beg borrow and steal from the social security, government hand outs! Later in life? One has to be prudent and thoughtful for ones self and ones family.[Lately first children are born to maybe 35+ parents, who when 67 and thing of retirement have to fight and provide for their kids {Housing/weddings and further education}. It is all part of modern society and lifes’ rich pattern.
    It is all a conundrum? But not in-solvable, if we as a society are compassionate, responsible and take others less fortunate than ourselves into consideration, we may achieve an equitable solution.
    ‘A MOAN OR GRUMBLE’ IS ‘FREE!!!!’, a good thought or deed is ‘PRICELESS’

  2. Scandalcarehome
    Today is Sunday 8th. March 2020, and I note two different articles, and yet I make the comment that they are connected.
    The articles I connect are the two blogs listed above and the Today’s ‘’The Mail on Sunday’’ and the financial page 105 and the reference to the report on the ‘CASE’ for ‘FOUR SEASONS’, a conglomerate that operates 11 or so hospitals and some 40+ Care Homes.
    THE+£168.50p per week Blog, and my comments above and historically ‘THE SOUTHERN CROSS Care HOMES’ in the ‘Tag Cloud’ adjacent to the Blog, I believe highlight the dangers of growing old in this modern Nation of ours the ‘UK’, as the Mail On Sunday makes a report that the corporate conglomerate ‘FOUR SEASONS is in Administration, and subject to being restructured.
    The Conservative Government under Boris Johnson [BODJ] is promising monies to all sorts of social needs? What baffles me, is will it go to every needy cause? The Failure of ‘FOUR SEASONS’ to my mind raises the immediate social problem of secure housing for the elderly and retired, in both those enticed by property/private renting, and social housing; The ultimate responsibility of the provision of housing is under the jurisdiction of the Local District Council, for which funds are provided by local rates and government grants. [local community taxes and national income tax -is this a licence to collect and spend money in the 2020 BUDGET? HOW DOES ONE PAY UNFORSEEN INCREASES ON A FIXED PENSIONABLE INCOME??-LIKE THE ELDERLY]
    Further to complicate the issue is that ‘FOUR SEASONS’ operates/operated some 11 hospitals, and this is possibly dis-quietening, and are the hospitals supporting the National Health Service in providing services for the more elderly residents { over 55} in their area of influence.
    The government of the day has to resolve the issue of safe secure housing for the elderly, and the support of income {pension/social benefits, and social support}in a fair and equitable manner.
    We must all await the future, with baited breath???

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