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“ARCO Conference – Demographics”

ARCO stands for Associated Retirement Community Operators.   It was formed in 2012 and is a diverse collection of providers of retirement housing in the UK.   They represent 27 operators who between them provide more than 50% of the current … Continue reading

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Cheylesmore Good Neighbours —-2014 Review

Cheylesmore is a neighbourhood in Coventry of about 6000 households.  The Good Neighbours Group is aimed at providing social opportunity and support for retired people living in the area.   It was started with the help of a grant from the … Continue reading

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“Heartfelt thanks for neighbours”

A study in the USA by a research team at the University of Michigan looked at how people perceived their neighbourhoods in terms of safety and friendliness.  They consulted over 5,000 healthy people with an average age of 70, over … Continue reading

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“Age Friendly City Centres”

This is a sequel to the last post “Age Unfriendly Cities”. An Age Friendly City Centre would start from a different place. It would recognise that many older people have more disposable income and could be the big spenders of … Continue reading

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“Age Unfriendly Cities”

Transport planners at Leeds University asked 60 and 70 year olds about their experience of visiting the city centre. They came up with some simple but fairly obvious answers. Not enough public toilets was a common cry. Did they mention … Continue reading

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“Age Friendly Gadgets”

Technology is intended to make our lives easier and over the last couple of centuries it has undoubtedly done so.    All of us take electricity forgranted, although very few of us could explain how it works.    The good news is … Continue reading

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