“Age Friendly City Centres”

This is a sequel to the last post “Age Unfriendly Cities”.

An Age Friendly City Centre would start from a different place. It would recognise that many older people have more disposable income and could be the big spenders of the Shirley Bassey years.

They would collect all the would be ” Miss Bassey’s ” in a chauffeur driven limousine directly from her front door. Or at least in an age friendly low step, slow stopping, conductor assisted, luxury seated senior citizen coach.

When she gets to the town centre, Miss Bassey’s first stop is at the senior accredited café, where all the ground floor and pavement front seat and tables are reserved for senior citizens and mothers, babies and very well behaved children.   All other adults unaccompanied by a senior citizen must make their way upstairs.    Children with attention deficit disorder have to play in the cage full of multi coloured plastic balls in the courtyard at the rear of the café.

The luxury toilets are spacious, staffed, clean as a whistle and perfumed with Chanel No 5, not disinfectant.

There is not time limit on how long you can stay in the café and drink refills are free.   A meeter and greeter will introduce you to new friends if you have come alone and don’t want to sit on your own.

When you venture out to browse or buy something, you can ride free on the courtesy golf carts that will stop at any shop you like. All the age friendly shops have special easy to see illuminated signs to show they offer 10% discount to senior citizens.   Mature shop assistants will also sit you down and explain things slowly, repeat things several times if necessary.

If you decide to buy something it can be delivered to the luxury coach pick up point or sent directly to your home.

If it is good enough for Shirley Bassey it’s good enough for me.

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1 Response to “Age Friendly City Centres”

  1. Dream on ‘ Oh wise one!’ It is a wonderful protrayal of homeliness, respect, and general awareness of our fellow man. Alas this may not be the case the younger ones with children have to fight to provide for their families, (As always has been the case)
    What is lacking apart from the ideal dream, and the thought that we as the grey set or as one part of society that we can demand from another the right to be treated correctly? I am afraid it all comes down to respect and consideration for those above you, below you and at your level. Respect, consideration and manners are inheritted from our parents and our time at school.
    I ask you have you voted correctly? Have we got the politicians we deserve, and do they behave and show us as individuals respect, manners and consideration.
    One may be in ones goldern years and dreams are harder to come by. At at least I have an EP of Shirley Bassy in her heyday, and i look back at her presence and strong voice belting out thoses melodies of yesteryear. I like to dream, but als the youngesters today whom I meet I must also show respect and consideration too, otherwise I do not get that certain smile of pleasure in return, which is worth much more than chattles and goods.

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