Internet Lifts Depression

Very interesting research  from the U.S.A.  related to the internets impact on loneliness and depression amongst the elderly.   It is often suggested that computers increase isolation, but this research contradicts that.

A study at Michigan State University of 3000 Americans over retirement age who spend time online, found that they were 30% less likely to suffer from depression.   Using the internet enabled them to stay in touch with social networks and not be left feeling lonely.

Quite a powerful endorsement  of how computers can help older people stay connected.  Now the challenge is to make it easier for all older people to use computers without having to take a 10 week Digital Inclusion course.   Touch screen barrier free, jargon free technology must be the next big step.    No keyboards, no gigabytes, no passwords, no crashes —– just talk to the screen and hey presto !

A whole new connected world for older people to explore and enjoy.

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1 Response to Internet Lifts Depression

  1. Diane says:

    Interesting information, but research done on those older people who already access the internet, there are other older people who for whatever reason are not able to use a piece of equipment or cannot afford to pay the internet connection , so prefer home visits or access + transport to going out to various venues,which needs to be continued – “one size doesn’t fit all”
    Last minute invite to those who wish to get out to a free meeting – COV (Coventry Older Voices) have a launch meeting @ the Central Methodist Hall on Tuesday 13th May, 10am registration for 10.30 start till 2.30pm. There is a speaker coming from Manchester to talk about “Age Friendly Cities” which Manchester is one + Coventry hopes to become one ???soon. There are also 2 workshops to get people’s views on 4 topics – Transport, Health +Social Care, Information + Advice, Social Participation. If interested in attending please contact David Welsh tel.02476433042 or to confirm a place (for catering-light buffet lunch + health+safety reasons).

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