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“Peak Stuff”

Economists are funny people with some very strange ideas.   They are always forecasting things which rarely come true.   Today I read for the first time about the theory of “peak stuff”.  It is not a concept I have … Continue reading

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New Year Virtual Ramble

This is a continuation of my ramble through Silicon Valley and stumbling on the magical mythical unicorn.    This is geekie speak which I will explain, before we start.     A “unicorn company” is a start-up tech business that … Continue reading

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Rambling research begins again

It was a month ago when I started my Rambling Research, wading through the ether of the internet trying to find something useful to do.  In my first blog on the subject, I discovered SARCOPENIA.  Then in my very next … Continue reading

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Bitcoin News !

What have I started ?    I only briefly mentioned bitcoins a few days ago in my last blog and now it is all over the front page of The Times.     What’s more, people have been speculating on this new … Continue reading

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Clutter, Time, Space.

The link between clutter and time and space is endlessly interesting. At least it is if it’s raining and you’ve got nothing better to do. Clutter only accumulates over time. If you have more space you have room for more … Continue reading

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Baby Boomer Plasters

There are 15 million older people in the U.K. and that number will increase by 24% by 2040.   So it represents the fastest growing sector of the population.     In marketing terms it is the least well understood … Continue reading

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Memory Card Readers

I can’t imagine why anyone would want a card reader.   I can read my cards all by myself.   Perhaps they get a lot more fan mail than I do, or receive hundreds of Christmas cards which they don’t … Continue reading

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