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Plastic before older people

Ever since David Attenborough’s excellent TV series “Blue Planet”, there has been a rage of concern about plastic.   Plastic bags have been almost outlawed, or at least charged for.  You almost get arrested if you throw away any plastic litter.  … Continue reading

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“Food for Thought”

The Daily Mail has to be applauded for its relentless, if half-hearted, campaign in pursuit of “Dignity for the Elderly”.  (Click on “Dignity be Damned” in the TAG CLOUD for earlier blogs on this subject). It is a good story line, … Continue reading

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“Dignity Be Damned ” 4

This blog really started two years ago and was revived by the report from the “Commission on Improving Dignity in Care of Older People”.  (Click on “Dignity be Damned” in the TAG CLOUD). The report was co-authorised by the Local … Continue reading

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“Dignity Be Damned ” 3

Click on this topic in the TAG CLOUD for the earlier blogs on this subject. The title of this blog was a response two years ago to the Government’s focus on “dignity”.  No-one could possibly disagree that elderly people are … Continue reading

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“Dignity Be Damned 2”

TWO YEARS AGO I wrote a blog called “Dignity be Damned” in response to a report extolling the virtues of a then new initiative.   (See it by clicking on the ARCHIVE April 2010). The trumpeted campaign was led by the … Continue reading

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