Dignity be Damned!


For a long time now the Daily Mail has been running a campaign under the banner “Dignity for the Elderly”.      They are to be applauded for championing the cause of older people and for highlighting some very important issues.    But, it’s not about dignity any more, it’s about willful neglect, abuse and untimely deaths.

The term “dignity” was first introduced by the Government and I believe it was a deliberate attempt to blind people to the reality of the problems with care of the elderly.    Further trivialisation was added by the Department of Health’s appointment of Michael Parkinson as a celebrity Dignity Champion.     He then set about asking lots of well intentioned people to sign up to supporting the dignity clarion call.    These two profile raising approaches fall a long way short of what is now required.    The elderly need a lot more than their dignity restoring.     They need honesty, outrage, resources and compassion.    The HONESTY to put the full scale of the everyday failure in our health and social services support for older people.      OUTRAGE at the neglect of individuals by their relatives, the state and society as a whole.    The full RESOURCES to face up to the tidal wave of baby boomers who are about to multiply the issues tenfold as they become pensioners.     Finally the COMPASSION to acknowledge that this is a generation of immense value who carried us through two World Wars and the privation that followed.    They deserve better. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” and that is where we are condemning many elderly to go at the moment.    

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5 Responses to Dignity be Damned!

  1. John Graham says:

    Almost two years on and nothing has changed. Headlines in the Daily Telegraph today calling for more dignity, based on yet another report !
    Will they never learn ? ——–


  2. the government is the problem not the solution says:

    when you allow government into the picture you strip the elderly of any rights,
    at least out here in California the buerocrates are fascist scum who ignore the truth of their actions

  3. Hail o might Ceaser! where for art thou’? I have been trawling the Smiles and grumbles web site for an appropiate subject, with which to have a few words. This article will do, I hope I am not off beam with my comments? Here goes:
    The elderly me included. I have a bank credit card, and I had store cards with my wife for those articles I wished to purchase, at random, and maybe infrequently, but at a friendly store that I trusted. Now the beef!!! Mand S and John Lewis, however the world is changing, and I have become more cynical, Alas!
    Both M&S and JL cards required one to change ones store card into a bank credit card (All be it with the assurance and backing of an accredited bank(S): In reflection I wonder what I have done, I note these cards are debit cards of unlimited expenditure-Determined by the bank, and give grace and favour to some 28 days credit free period after the day of purchase (Hurrah One may say?), But wait I am growing old and senile all these pin numbers (No signatures required to verify who I am), and then The new fangled toy in the big grociery retailers of scan and pay, and hey presto I now buy my food on credit?/ Who is cynical, It must pay someone to issue all this credit, and is this the ruse of free banking??? This may work out but one will have to be as bright as a button and keep an exact register/ log or detail of expenditure, as the statements for a credit card are only issued when money is required to be paid, and unlike a debit card where one can electronically track ones personal transactions! This is worrying, but it is todays game in the high street.
    May be this is all B—LLS and i have missed something, or have you bright squirrels out there noted the same trends. Answers on a post card please? I am waiting to be convinced: Alas I must play the pipers tune, But I fear it is not a sound one.

  4. john graham says:

    Five years on and still nothing has changed. Just another damned report !

  5. john graham says:

    Eight years on and the Daily Mail is still outraged about care homes, but , little has changed. So much for newspaper campaigns about dignity.

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