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When is a cateract not a cateract ?    The answer is when it is in the NHS. Cateract surgery is the most common procedure carried out in the NHS.   The operation is not hugely expensive and can be … Continue reading

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Elderly A and E ?

In anticipation of the usual winter crisis and shortage of beds, ideas for new ways of working are coming out of the NHS thick and fast.   Here are two pilots that could have real advantages for older people. The … Continue reading

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Dolphins, Dementia and Swimming

“Incredibly interesting”  are the words Professor Simon Lovestone an old age psychiatrist at Oxford University uses to describe a study of dolphins with dementia. It is a collaboration between researchers in Florida and Scotland based on examining the brains of … Continue reading

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Bed and Breakfast Hospitals

My last post wrote about NHS England’s whacky ideas about fixing obesity. Now, here comes another one, this time to solve the bed blocking problem.   At any one time there are estimated to be 5,800 patients in hospital beds … Continue reading

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Fat Lot of Good!

The latest daft idea to come out of the NHS strategic think tank 😀 Not before time the NHS is stepping up its campaign against obesity.    NHS England’s great idea in their fight against the nations gluttony epidemic is … Continue reading

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Bunk Up in NHS Hospitals.

The annual winter crisis in the NHS is looming.     Headlines are already beginning to appear in the press and on the news :- “Beds blocked by hoards of older people overstaying  their welcome” “Too few nurses,  too busy … Continue reading

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Prescribing en masse !

Solving the Nation’s health problems is a big challenge for the Government, but at last they have begun to come up with the start of a Grand National Health Plan. It has just been announced that all men over 60 … Continue reading

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