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Deaf Ears

A report published by Exeter University and Kings College London attracted a front page headline in The Times this week. It was about a study of over 25,000 older people and it concluded that those who wore hearing aids performed … Continue reading

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National DEATH Service ?

Is this the new name for the National Health Service ? After the recent report on the many premature deaths at Gosport Hospital, you might well think so, at least as far as older people are concerned ! I am … Continue reading

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Bold NHS Chief Executive ?

The Government is shortly supposed to be coming up with a Green Paper on Social Care.  The aim of the paper is to resolve the current and future funding crisis in Social Care related to the ever-growing numbers of older … Continue reading

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GP Gatekeepers

At the start of this month, I wrote about GP’s being at the front line of the NHS and their role as gatekeepers to other clinicians.     Now some of the most talented managers in the Clinical Commissioning Groups … Continue reading

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Last week my post commented on the services that are being squeezed out of the NHS.    Now after a barrage of stories in the media over Christmas and into January about a ‘potential’ winter crisis a clear strategy is … Continue reading

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The Shrinking NHS

It doesn’t feel like the NHS is getting smaller.      We are always being told by our politicians that there are more doctors and nurses than ever.    This doesn’t seem to fit with the stories always coming out … Continue reading

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Pill Rationing

I seem to be addicted to writing about pills and it is obviously catching. Because as fast as I write about it more and more articles appear in the media on the same topic.  (You can read all my earlier … Continue reading

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Dentistry 2

My last blog was about toothache and the simply wonderful way I was treated in my early years experience in the completely free NHS.   In fact I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t go again for another 25 years. … Continue reading

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NHS Dentistry Toothless

I still remember vividly the frightening trips I was forced to make to the school dentist every year.   In fact I am sure I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to this day.    I wonder if I could sue … Continue reading

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NHS Turns Deaf Ear

Thousands of older people are hard of hearing.    In fact one in every six people has a hearing loss.  Yet only 20% who could benefit from the use of a hearing aid, have one.   Significantly,  “one” is the … Continue reading

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