The Shrinking NHS

It doesn’t feel like the NHS is getting smaller.      We are always being told by our politicians that there are more doctors and nurses than ever.    This doesn’t seem to fit with the stories always coming out of the health service about the unrelenting pressures on them.  Nor does it square with the endless queues in A&E or the over filled beds.    And the bill for the NHS goes up and up.

Strange then that in my recent blogs I have been writing about how pills are being struck off the list of things GP’s can proscribe.   Then there is hearing loss, or more accurately the withdrawal of hearing aids in the NHS.     Oh and eyesight is looked at, but you still have to get and pay for your own glasses.    I must not forget dentistry, although the NHS has done that years ago.

Ever lengthening waiting lists are a key tactic to continue this process and reduce demand.  How do you know you need an operation if you can’t get seen in the first place to get a diagnosis?   Closing the front door and leaving potential patients out side in the cold is certainly one way of pretending there is not a problem.

The NHS England grand strategic plan for all this is to employ more managers to explain why they are able to do less and less.

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1 Response to The Shrinking NHS

  1. well. well, well 3 wells make a river, what a torrent of information, in this ‘blog’ allegedly all managed by ”manager’s”
    Alas dear reader I once heard as a past civil servant if you were in good you may be promoted beyond your level of competence into the world of ”yesmen” where one could be shot down in flames on the 12 th of August or when the politicians decided you were the sacrificial ‘GOAT’?
    I politely ask has anything changed? the worker is the doer! the manager well they could be either high competent, or completely incompetent? You decide Ladies and gentlemen. You have to believe in ones self?

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