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Doctors in two minds ?

Doctors are in a dilemma.      Anti-Depressant pills …….. or social clubs ?    What to prescribe for loneliness?     Conflicting advice has emerged just in the last two days. Listen to researchers from Oxford University and doctors should … Continue reading

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Pill Rationing

I seem to be addicted to writing about pills and it is obviously catching. Because as fast as I write about it more and more articles appear in the media on the same topic.  (You can read all my earlier … Continue reading

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Pill Popping Popularity

Ever since I started this blog in 2010, I seem to have been writing about pills.  It is often a daily topic of conversation amongst elderly people, just like the weather.  ( You can see all the posts on this … Continue reading

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Prescribing en masse !

Solving the Nation’s health problems is a big challenge for the Government, but at last they have begun to come up with the start of a Grand National Health Plan. It has just been announced that all men over 60 … Continue reading

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“Pills Galore”

I have written a lot about pills over the years and many of the posts feature my favourite cartoon character, “Pilly Galore”.   (You can see all my earlier blogs on this subject by clicking on “PILLS” in the TAG CLOUD). … Continue reading

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“No more pills”

This is the 500th post since I first started writing this blog in 2010.  Obviously now with my thousands of followers, my writing has become much more influential.  Nothing bears this out more than over the last two weeks.  At … Continue reading

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“Take More Pills”

This blog follows “Take Less Pills” and many other posts on pills which can be found by clicking on “PILLS” in the TAG CLOUD. Only one page after a report on taking less pills, The Daily Mail on 4th July … Continue reading

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