Under Pressure ?

The Government is under pressure at the moment and so it seems are a very large number of the population.   Blood pressure that is.    On Friday 8th March,  The Times, published two articles about the subject.     I guess it must be all down to ongoing frustrations with the Brexit debate !   You can imagine all those MPs must be suffering from high blood pressure.

The first was a report from NICE, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence and the promotion of pills for everything.   They are concerned that as many as 450,000 men and 270,000 women should be taking pills to lower their blood pressure, according to recently revised guidelines.    They estimate only half of this group are taking medication, which could lead to many more heart attacks and strokes.   My Pilly Galore character, with the help of her friendly GP Astroglax, will be delighted with this news.   The more pills the better is her motto.

Next, lo and behold in the same paper on the same day is another way of reducing your blood pressure.     The second article was a less expensive answer to the problem.   Have a short nap in the afternoon.     A “siesta” is not exactly a new idea and Pilly Galore has been practicing it every day after and sometimes during the lunchtime TV news.    Greek doctors studied 212 people who were being treated for high blood pressure and found that those who snooze during the day had 4% lower blood pressure.

Now to help further you could also follow earlier research evidence that suggests :-

  • reducing your salt intake
  • and lowering you alcohol consumption
  • and  drinking celery juice …. and hibiscus tea … and beetroot juice
  • and loosing weight …. and exercising more
  • and cutting back on coffee  ….. and eating more bananas
  • and finding even more ideas on Google.

Preferably you should do all of these, in this exact same order, every day !

They can all lower your hypertension.

Well then you may end up with absolutely :-


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4 Responses to Under Pressure ?

  1. A most interesting ‘blog’ very thought provoking, and yet sincere!
    There are as i believe two main issues being proposed:-
    1/-. Is blood pressure,and
    2/-. Is BRITEX?
    In the ‘ blog’, the solutions to high blood pressure are clinical, and with respect to the governments “”Nice”” committee.
    What does it all mean to each of us as individuals? We must as individuals be responsible for our own medical and mental condition, with the best available advice from the medical profession.
    BRITEX HAS asked each of us, wether as a voter, or in our beliefof the UK parliamentary system to vote and belief in a Democratic Decision!! We have that ? And yet our “referendum vote” was a maJority, and now our voted “PARLAMENTARIANS. with again the vote of the people, are having to deal with common sense and reality as to “What maybe the influance and reality of “BREXIT”?
    Our minds as individuals are challenged, and our “BELIEFS AND ALLIANCES. SEVERELY TESTED.”!!! THE result is that we all are “HOT UNDER THE COLLAR”!!! And trust that both as individuals and as a community we have made the correct decision, with respect to “BREXIT”.

  2. News for all the loonie followers of the LLLP, WE HAVE HAD OUR ELECTION, the returning officer idiot number 13 has declared the elections illegal, and not fit for scrutiny, and has reported to John, all is well with the world?? And that he has to continue his beliefs and reports in a world where lunartics rule supreme.
    I am glad 1st of April passed so peacefully!!!!!!! Another loonie!

  3. We!l as the sponsor’s of this :-blog site-: say farewell to skin tags and moles? We i am or have skin tags! What i am looking for is the, or who are the “moles”?.
    I have put my cowboy boots on, my stetson, and am wearing my sixshooter belt, with my holsters and two pistols!! It is time at the OK Coral? I wish to listen, and believe those parliamentarians in Westminster are goung to do the right thing??? Alas my faith is with the LAST LAUGH LOONIE PARTY, and i will be watching a Side show shoot out on ==BREXJT==???
    Phoop??? What a mess we are in as a nation??. John, even if you come back as a cowboy– welcome, dear sir, at least you make sense and are sincere!!!!
    Who are the moles??? Who are the skin tags??? Well i leave that to you the reader!!!!!

  4. The grand national steeplechase is almost upon us? Do not forget the LLLP funds are on hosre 15 “Rock the Kasbah” at odds past the post? On the nose!!!

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