BREXIT is obviously reaching a critical point.  The March 29th deadline has come and gone without a resolution.    Now we have a new deadline of April 12th or maybe and or maybe not June 22nd ….. or perhaps an extension to two or three years time.

Whichever one it is, it seems we will have to elect new members to the European Parliament.    So the Last Laugh Looney Party is putting forward a few key candidates to hopefully shake up and clean up the European Parliament :-

JACK-IN-A-BOX will be the LLLP leader in the European Parliament and he will just keep jumping up and down and repeatedly shouting out a few key political slogans like :-

“We are leaving”

”We want our borders back”

”You’re not having our fish”

”You can shove you European Court of Injustice up your derrière“

“And we are not paying a penny, nothing at all.   Sue us if you like, see if we care !”

“Nah na nan nah nah“

”My bat, my ball we are going home“

There will, no doubt, be other choice phrases that will come up during the European election campaign.   Several LLLP Candidates have already stepped forward and have begun to write their contributions to the LLLP European Manifesto which will be published in this blog in the weeks ahead.   The Rogues Gallery is pictured below :-

We are very confident that every one of our candidates will be elected to the European Parliament :-

Clean-Up Man; Package Eater; Red Tape Crusader; Pilly and Astroglax; Coco; Tidy Up Teddy and Cider Drinker.

Watch out for their LLLP Manifesto contributions in the next few weeks.

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  1. Whst a bitch?? I have had a dose of the vapours and spent the last week in devon!! I have reviewed the canidates for the proposed election of the LLLP, and i wish to consider Coco!! In all seriousness for the lllp european elections! A real shaggy dlg story or two may be forthcoming??? I trust so.!!
    By the way the party has no funds, the funds were put on hose number 15 in last saturdays Grand national race to win, but the nag came a”cropper” so for the EU:-)LLLP ELECTIONS please dig deep into those pockets of yours, and come up with a guinea, or soveign or two, as well as a meaningful vote!!!
    I salute you and all who may believe in you?????
    A ragamuffin!!

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