LLLP Clean Up Manifesto

BREXIT obviously isn’t going to happen very quickly, so the Last Laugh Looney Party is gearing up to stand in the European Parliamentary Elections by preparing its Manifesto.   This is the first contribution from a GrumbleSmiles candidate – Clean Up Man.

Clean Up Man will do exactly what it says on the box.   He will set about cleaning up everything in Europe.   He knows it’s a big job, but he is planning to organise a fleet of drones to fly all over the 27 European countries spraying them with lavender air freshener to help everybody calm down.   This should also be a big boost to lavender farmers throughout Norfolk, where Clean Up Man is hoping to be elected as their Euro MP.

The second flight of the drone Brexiteer squadron will send over a less pleasant surprise.    The smell of fish and chips will be sniffed throughout Europe to remind them all that it our fish and they should stop stealing them.

Finally in the battle for Britain the squadron will fly over all the European capitals towing Union Jacks and endlessly playing “God save the Queen” until they all give up say we can leave immediately.    At that point the LLLP will demand that the European Commission pays us £39 billion as a divorce settlement  😀😀😀😀

Clean Up Man says :-

“We need a European clean break”

If you don’t clean yourselves up, we will send Mr Dyson over to Europe with all his vacuum cleaners and he will sort you out because we know what a keen BREXITEER Mr Dyson is.     Although sadly he is now moving his operation to Singapore.

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1 Response to LLLP Clean Up Manifesto

  1. I am intrigued by the lord John’ choice of only seven candidates for the LLLP European Elections, as the tresurer and bookkeeper appointed by the Ragamuffins, I see trouble ahead? NOT [ like the song with moon light and roses], by by whom does one vote for, or put money on? In a classic english horse race , and the Betting fraterity, one needs 8 horse minimum as declared off and running to have an “each way bet””TO BE HONOURED???
    With this in mind i propose that the “Ragamuffin” Society put forward an anonymous candidate, under the banner of “”abstainers” and they can vote as many times as they wish, provided they go to the NATIONAL- LLLP WEBsite register their name!!! And give a donation to theLAST LAUGH LOONIE PARTY- NATIONAL FUNDS! Either as cash or cheque/crossed off course, to be donated and put on horse with number 7 on its back in the Epsom Derby, another classic opportunity to make an each way bet this time, and “”hedge our LLLP FUNDS/BET! So we do not loose all our common sense money, and prospective as we go forward like good christain soldier’s to vote and fight on???

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