LLLP Package Eater Manifesto

BREXIT still isn’t going to happen very quickly, so the Last Laugh Looney Party is gearing up for the European Parliamentary Elections by preparing its Manifesto.   This is the next contribution from a GrumbleSmiles character – Package Eater.

Package Eater is a ferocious campaigner against excess packaging.   Therefore he will insist that all lorries coming from Europe to the UK must be inspected at the border.   Any excess packaging must be thrown away before the lorries are allowed to enter the UK, which means that European rubbish tips will need to be established at all European ports and airports.

A recent investigation carried out by the LLLP found that most goods sent to the UK from Europe have been in transit for at least 3 months in hot temperatures which is why they have to be tripple wrapped in plastic.    Some of the flowers sent from Holland we’re grown four years ago and have been in refrigerated trucks awaiting a group of refugee asylum seekers.    The final insult was when the  LLLP exposed a wine scam where cheap plonk from Chile was imported to France and then relabelled as vintage Chateaunuef de Pap for sale in the UK .  All with Conman Agricultural Subsidy paid for by the British Government contribution to Europe.

Thankfully none of this is fake news and you can totally trust LLLP politicians 🤡

Since the LLLP adopted Sir David Attenborough as its Honorary European President of Packaging, it is particularly important in the Manifesto to ensure that no plastic ever enters the UK from Europe.

Package Eater says :-

“European plastic’s not fantastic”




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1 Response to LLLP Package Eater Manifesto

  1. Hello! Hello! Hello! This is your friendly LLLP -PC49, reporting for duty, at the local police/phone box,, and believe me it is not a load of old “cobblers” that this LLLP POLITICIAN IS SPEAKING? [THE package eater], I just wish all the politicians in WEstminster. Would kindly eat their words, and let them pass through their bodies as detritus??
    Aye aye thats your lot ! Time now to sign off, and enjoy a cuppa!!
    Do please remember to vote and support the Last Laugh Loonie Party!! We are the only ones to utter common sense amongst the drivel of the Westminster political scene??? Do not forget your donations!! Most important in this battle of wills???

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