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The Tidy Bears are back

Throughout June and July in the midst of all the political election shenanigans, my tidying up took a back seat and so did the Tidy Bears, who are not at all interested in politics.    They are not particularly interested … Continue reading

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Tidy Bears Open Box 2

Today Whitey Bear found a box on a shelf in the study which Uncle Den had made.  The box had a lock, so Whitey thought “it must contain something valuable”.  Sadly when he opened it was completely empty.     … Continue reading

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Tidy Bears Open Box 1

Today the Tidy Bears have started to de-clutter the first of the many boxes around the house.    They can safely start with the blue box in the main bedroom because it is full of John’s stuff.   It is the … Continue reading

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Clutter Boxes or Tidy Boxes

One way of de-cluttering is emptying boxes (for that include cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, chests, ottomans, baskets, etc).  It is not really de-cluttering, in fact it is just “out of sight, out of mind” cluttering.   You put things in … Continue reading

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Tidy Bears and Flower Vases

The Bears are continuing there relentless search for clutter to de-clutter. Peter Rabbit and is the smart one in the team and he thought they should change their name to the Tidy Bears.     “That would leave John totally responsible  for all the … Continue reading

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Clutter Bears and Cleaning Materials

Way back on Step 22 of John’s de-cluttering journey he thought he had de-cluttered the clutter of  cleaning materials.    How wrong can you be? The clutter Bears have now taken over and are going to be much more thorough than … Continue reading

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Clutter Bears and Origami

In our last Bear blog you may have noticed that Little Ted was not in the photograph.  Actually he doesn’t like cleaning toilets anymore than John does, but Little Ted thinks he knows rather more interesting Japanese tidying techniques than cleaver clogs John. So he sneeked … Continue reading

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Clutter Bears and Toilet Rolls

This time John has a little help from his bear friends, because this de-cluttering is becoming unbearable.    We will continue to apply John’s Japanese management techniques and find a simple bear solution.    This should be interesting because we will use a quality improvement … Continue reading

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Clutter Bears Take Over

George Simons started all this off with his great idea about a crash pad for teddy bears.   Then John suggested the crash pad might be in the garden shed, but we’re certainly not happy with that and before John … Continue reading

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