Clutter Bears Take Over

George Simons started all this off with his great idea about a crash pad for teddy bears.   Then John suggested the crash pad might be in the garden shed, but we’re certainly not happy with that and before John decides that teddies are clutter, we think we had better help him out with this blog and the rest of his de-cluttering.   David also commented that he would like to know who we all are.  So let us introduce ourselves.

First of all the bear in the blue sweater on the left is Big Ted who thinks he’s the boss of all the bears around here and definitely more important than John who used to think he was the boss until we took over.  Next to him is Pyjama Ted who sleeps a lot and never gets out of his pyjamas, rather like John.  Next in line is Holly Bear because he arrived one Christmas Day and can be a prickly character like John when he’s de-cluttering.  After that is Patch who only thinks he’s a bear, except when he remembers he’s a mischievous dog, like Tilly the cockerpoo who’s a real dog who walks John in the mornings!  Sitting next to him is Whitey Bear who is pure as the driven snow and never ever does anything wrong, except when John’s not looking.  Now we come to Peter Rabbit, who’s obviously not a bear but doesn’t want to miss out on anything.  He’s the clever one because he’s quick and never gets caught.  Last in line is Little Ted who MO mentioned in her comments in the last blog. He’s wearing his very own special red sweater.  MO can tell you the story of the red sweater.

We are here to take over this blog about clutter 😈.    John is making heavy weather of it, he has been at it for months and you can bearly see any difference.    And worse than that he is getting on MO’s nerves going on about clutter all the time.   We love MO to bits, so we are not having him upsetting her.

Every bear knows clutter is fun.    Didn’t John say these Japanese management ideas he keeps banging on about should be easier, safer, faster and FUN.     

Let’s start with toilet rolls” says Patch.  “I know lots of things to do with them.  Tomorrow we will show John how to get down to doing de-cluttering properly by teaching John”

The Bear essentials of de-cluttering😈

There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering, although they have never mentioned any bear ideas in their book.

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7 Responses to Clutter Bears Take Over

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    John, your teddies have character, and a hierarchy, with names given by loved ones? For instance who made the bed, that the teddies lie in. De-cluttering is difficult at the best of times, and nature has its clutter, especially in spring time in the Northern Atlantic/Arctic Ocean – ice bergs or floaters as they may be known. These beasts sail float two thirds below the water line, one third above the water line! the danger is the two thirds below the water line, and like de-cluttering, it is not the number of rooms within an abode, but the storage spaces within it, and the closed doors, that hide the contents from the all seeing eyes.
    My feelings are that John faces a large number of submerged metaphorical objects, both large and small.
    The teddies understand, and are they passengers on the mythical ‘titanic’? about to be cast to the four winds??

    • Mo Graham says:

      The Bears don’t all live in our bedroom/on our bed David. John’s been collecting them from all around the house and grouped them together just for the photo shoot 😊

      Little Ted is our son’s very special bear. He’s had him since he was a born and Little Ted had to go everywhere with him when Tom was a small child (He’s now 36 and has been living in Liverpool since he was 18 when he went up there to University, but Little Ted still lives in his bedroom here at home – and woe betide his dad or I if we were ever to suggest throwing him away. Tom would never forgive us if we got rid of him. So Little Ted is one bit of ‘clutter’ that is a permanent fixture here, and always will be.

      As regards the story of Little Ted’s red sweater. One day when he was about three I dropped Tom off to spend the day with my mum before I went to work. As usual, he had Little Ted with him. When I arrived mum showed me a lovely red sweater she’d just finished knitting for Tom, who wanted to wear it straight away. As I left for work I heard him saying Little Ted wanted one as well as he was cold (it was winter at the time). When I called in after work that day to collect Tom, Little Ted was resplendent in a matching red sweater, albeit slightly too big for him. Mum had sat down and knitted the Teddy Bear his own sweater as soon as I had left that morning. Tom was thrilled that he and Ted had matching outfits – and whilst his red sweater is long gone, Little Ted has been proudly wearing his for the past thirty odd years….

      Little Ted’s red sweater therefore is a very tangible sign of the huge love one besotted granny had for her darling grandson 😍

  2. OOAH !AHH!, wait a minute that memories, as you state not clutter.

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    What a honey of stories? all worthy of a good read, and 5 minutes thoughts of how treasured our fluffy toys are to us: Lots of cuddles and memories of being with the young at heart, or just memories of ones childhood.

  4. davidwfreeman237 says:

    ps we that is Molly and I have on the spare bed a ”golliwog” to remind us of grannie wetherby’s knitting for our own children, and that fisrst soft toys for our eldest daughter : called just ”dolly”, a knitted doll, head , round body, arms only and a knitted embroidered face, the dolly fitted in the crook of the arm of dawn, the head on dawns shoulder, and dolls body below, so that it was tightly locked in a grip. Grannie also knitted one for our second daughter debbie, who also loved dolly, and sucked the ribbon around the neck.
    Dolly as the children learnt, when molly copied the pattern (originally from woman’s own was it woman’s friends mag), and knitted for our grandchildren, was reproduced every four/ six months or so, and the previously loved model was consigned to the ‘bin’ :Having been loved and become somewhat worn at the edges and frayed in its useage.! The secrets one learns when the mists of time are revealed, and one becomes older, but perhaps not wiser.
    ps. Somewhere among Molly’s clutter of knitting patterns dolly still floats around- to me the memories? wonderful.

  5. davidwfreeman237 says:

    the golliwog was a reminder to molly of her first soft toy, and my memories of home with my sisters as a younster, and the ‘Robinson’s Jam” collectors labels, in exchange for an enamelled broach! ( was it 10 labels;one broach)
    We have the golliwog, but alas no labels or broaches, in our clutter!

  6. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Molly and I were in a shop locally that sold various items,some 20 years ago, we espied a ‘Stief” gollywog, at a price? beyond our means. We went back some two years later, and again mooched around the same shop; there were some ‘golliwogs” before we became politically correct (Gollys), and they had not the ‘Sietf, gollys, but a manufactured, labelled limited and manufactured edition from New Zealand??[the mind boggles-even if politically correct- what is the conection between gollys and New Zealand: except a loved soft toy??]
    Molly and I enquired the price this time was right, the emotional memories were right, and Golly became our ‘golliwog’. and is still there keeping the bed warm.

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