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The New Rules

We have all got so used to the Coronapop rules these days.    Therefore, to keep society in order and free from viruses forever, it would be a good idea to continue with them for the foreseeable future or longer. … Continue reading




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LLLP Daft Ideas for Scotland

The local election season is nearly upon us and all sorts of aspiring politicians will be putting forward their thoughts on how they will change the world.   So the Last Laugh Looney Party is  floating a few random proposals to … Continue reading

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Flower Power !

Long after Coronapop is over there will still be flowers. My garden provides free therapy every day rain or shine.  Instead of fearfulness the daffodils are floweringall they are worth bring a smile to the world. They are called “ … Continue reading

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Covid Lens.

After a year of lockdown we have become a nation driven by distant opinion.    We are no longer able to observe things for ourselves.     Our views are formed through the media.    Sometimes it’s the headline grabbing … Continue reading

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What’s Question 17 ?

Three weeks ago a letter about the 2021 Census dropped through our letter box.   The Census comes around every ten years, but this one is a bit different from how I remember it in the past.   For a … Continue reading

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Sock it to me !

Socks have featured several times in my blogging years.   (Six times in fact, you can see my earlier posts by clicking on “ Clutter” in the TagCloud)       So I wonder why are socks so often on my … Continue reading

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MP’s Gravy Train !

It only seems like yesterday that our Honourable Members of Parliament were under fire for fiddling their expenses.   In fact it was several years ago and since then the rules have been tightened and an “Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority … Continue reading

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More Junk Mail Please.

I have written a lot of posts grumbling about junk mail since I started this blog.       ( You can see my earlier posts by clicking on “GrumbleSmiles Post” in the TagCloud). Now in the drawn out days of … Continue reading

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Pangolin WHO?

It is just a few days away from the 10th World Pangolin Day, but should we be celebrating ? Pangolins had a lot of bad press last year when it was rumoured that they might be the super-spreaders of Coronapop. … Continue reading

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