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Rugby Inovation 🏉🏉🏉

In the Coronavirus lockdown period for all sports Leicester Tigers are once again leading the way forward. In my first blog on this subject “ Rugby Balls 🏉”.   I wrote about how the Old Farts at the RFU had … Continue reading

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Pangolin News

It was July last year when a pangolin popped into my head.   Not literally you understand, but once he was here I couldn’t shake him out for a long time.    Infact it was December,  before I stopped writing about … Continue reading

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Standard Life Insurance? Part 2.

This blog is the sequel to the post I wrote last month about my investigation into a dripping tap of wasted money that I have  been paying out for over 40 years !   (You can find it by clicking … Continue reading


Rugby Balls Up🏉🏉

This post follows my earlier post about the impact of Coronavirus on the Rugby world and my once excellent all winning team  Leicester Tigers. They have not been playing well all season  ,,,,  dropping the 🏉 …… not catching the … Continue reading

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Corona V GrumbleSmiles

You can’t let all this endless talk about Coronavirus get you down. Goodness knows there are plenty of reasons to  grumble about it :- confined to the house for the next twelve weeks – nationalised house arrest courtesy of Bodj … Continue reading


Brave ??? NewWorld

We are waking up in a New World, but we don’t know yet if it will be a Brave one.    That will depend on how much changes and how much we can hold on to …….. and for a … Continue reading


Rugby Balls🏉

The Rugby Football Union are extremely concerned about the corona virus now that two International matches against Italy have had to be cancelled.     They are very worried about the loss of income if more matches can’t go ahead, … Continue reading

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