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Trawling the deep

Trawling the depths of my Internet mind. Digging around in the years far behind. Unlocking the lost, Expanding the new. Remembering what I once knew. Joining the dots of today, To the clutter of yesterday’s

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Rambling Research Start

I am going in search of something.  I am not sure what?   But it will be fun and I will report on it here as it happens. I am  looking for something to do and it has to do … Continue reading

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Where am I going 2 ?

A day’s gone by and I still don’t know where I am going. Time relentlessly driving me forward to an unknown destination. BUT IT WAS ALWAYS THUS.   The day I was born, I couldn’t know. In my teens, I … Continue reading

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Where am I going?

I have lost my focus, so I am rambling. All over they place, at fast and slow pace.   But I am still rambling, which maybe was always my way. I didn’t know where I would end up  then and … Continue reading

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When is a cateract not a cateract ?    The answer is when it is in the NHS. Cateract surgery is the most common procedure carried out in the NHS.   The operation is not hugely expensive and can be … Continue reading

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Elderly A and E ?

In anticipation of the usual winter crisis and shortage of beds, ideas for new ways of working are coming out of the NHS thick and fast.   Here are two pilots that could have real advantages for older people. The … Continue reading

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Weather or not?

I have fallen into the habit of turning the iPad on as soon as I wake up and looking up the weather forecast.   Just like I used to do with the TV, except you usually had to wait a … Continue reading

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