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Deafinately not.

For quiet a while now I think my hearing has been getting worse.   I noticed it when I had to turn the sound up on the TV.    Over the month I have had to keep turning it up … Continue reading

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Last Laugh Looney Party More Election Promises

As the Election draws closer all the political party’s are making more and more spending plans in an effort to bribe the voters.   Evidently the age of austerity is over even though the UK is in trillions of pounds … Continue reading

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Last Laugh Looney Party Election Manifesto

It rather looks like the whole group of current political parties have totally banjaxed the Brexit question, unless there is a last minute climb down by the European Parliament.    I am still betting they will fudge it in the … Continue reading

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World Pangolin Day

Who would have guessed there would be, “World Pangolin Day”, and coincidence of coincidences , that is my birthday😀 I guess that is where I must have first heard the word. And pangolin must have lodged in my head. Just … Continue reading


Return To Sender

It’s years since I have written about junk mail.   It’s six years ago that I started writing about it when there was much talk in the then Government about limiting it.   In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if … Continue reading

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A Dementia Way Forward

My last two posts were prompted by the campaign launched in the Daily Mail to get the Government to address the disgraceful state of care for people with dementia in this country.   It has very successfully exposed the level … Continue reading

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Why are we in a Dementia mess?

Following on from my last post, the Daily Mail has stirred up a real hornets nest of anger about the dire state of Dementia care.  Over a 150,000 people have signed a petition supporting the Mail’s campaign.    But, the … Continue reading

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