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New New World.

We will all have to adjust to Coronapop being with us for years to come. Yes we may get a vaccine in a years time, but by then we will be bankrupt as a country. Along with many others, who … Continue reading

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Coronapop Ego

One day there will have to be an analysis of this Coronapop era.   Not a five year long public enquiry, which is a shelf to hide things away.   More a quiet contemplation, with a few guideposts for people … Continue reading

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Back in the olden days of my memory, communication was simple.     You spoke to people face to face, or  from a greater distance you telephoned or wrote to people.  In my childhood I rarely spoke on the telephone. … Continue reading

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Coronapop Spend

Here’s Bodj’s new message in the next episode of CORONAPOP STREET:- “You have all done a great job during my lockdown.  It must have been extremely difficult for those of you who were working to have to stay at home. … Continue reading

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Coronapop Street

The new soap opera starts today” CORONAPOP STREET “.    This follows on from Prime Minister Bodj’s first wise decision, which is to cancel his daily TV broadcasts.   They just got him into trouble all the time and none … Continue reading

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Coronapop Soap Opera

There is a new Must-watch soap opera on the  box every day.     It has wiped all its competitors off the screen by requiring them to social distance and isolate all actors over 70. So now we have a … Continue reading

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Happier Corona Pop Times

In the heady happy times of early retirement way back in 2010, I blogged about a fond childhood memory of Corona Pop.     Little did I know how that name would come to be remembered in future years with … Continue reading

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Rugby Shields 🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉

Following on from my series of blogs on Rugby in the era of Coronapop, it is now obvious that this season is over.     So I have been thinking about how we can start the next season without the … Continue reading

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What the “K” ?

The Coronapop storyline is getting more and more tangled in a whirlwind of doctored communication.     Or perhaps I should say “doktored kommunikation”. Because in my post last week  I said that the Government was moving it’s strategy to … Continue reading

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Triple lock out

This is a continuation of the Coronapop triplelock story.      Bodj’s first lock down was supposed to last for 3 weeks and then another three weeks, with no remission for good behaviour.        Most people followed the … Continue reading

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