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£Trillion Ideas

Here’s the first idea for spending  our new found wealth and having fun, by showing how important older people are in society.     As a result of our politicians being so ineffective in the last ten years, older people … Continue reading

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£Trillion Mattress

The elderly are literally sleeping on a pile of money !!!!!!     As I said in my post last week it is estimated to be trillions of pounds.   But, there is a problem, how do you get your … Continue reading

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Social Care Wrong-Footed.

Prime Minister Bodj has pledged to sort out social care funding in his first 100 days in office   The trouble is that he has started out on the wrong foot by promising that ”older people can keep their own … Continue reading

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£ 4.7 TRILLION !

That’s an eye-catching, mind-boggling number.  I read it in The Times just a few days ago, so it must be true.   It is the amount of wealth owned by older people in the UK. £ 4, 700, ooo, ooo, … Continue reading

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The Last Laugh Looney Party has decided to continue with holding Prime Minister Bodj to account throughout 2020 to make sure he keeps his promises.  Otherwise there could be a French style revolution, complete with chopping off politicians heads 🤡 … Continue reading

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Pangolin Tangling

When a Pangolin gets frightened, he rolls up in a ball. He’s round and sound and ever so tightly bound. That’s all.  

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Pangolin Dangling

When they are not eating ants And there is not much to do, Pangolins are just like me and you.   They have no thumbs to twiddle. They can’t  think up a riddle like “Hey diddle diddle”.   So Pangolins just … Continue reading

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