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£1,000 Lock Inn !

Coronapop is still raging around the country, in spite of the Governments second lockdown and Bodj’s Churchillian exhortations on TV to “ Fight the virus on the beaches”.    The trouble seems to be that infected people are still going … Continue reading

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Lost !

I am lost in a WordPress fog. As if Coronapop wasn’t bad enough. What used to be simple yesterday seems to be complicated by an ” upgrade”. It must be something to do with that horrible little symbol that appeared … Continue reading


Alok gets hot seat.

My new old friend Alok Sharma is in the news again.     I haven’t heard from him since November last year.  . ( You can see our exchange in the Archive. ).   He was doing sterling work at the … Continue reading

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Bodj has taken a year to find his stride, but now he has got it all figured out.   Brexit is sorted after a fashion.   A non-detailed Bodj sort of way. For 2021 he has come up with a … Continue reading

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Last Ditch Coronapop Effort

Now that Bodj has solved Brexit he has decided to give the irradication of Coronapop his undivided attention for the last few days of 2020. Bodj thinks he has found a few little loopholes that all his Cabinet Ministers and … Continue reading

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Bodj, Karrot and Sprout.

  As with every Boxing Day, it is a time for using up all the left-over Christmas vegetables.     At Number 10 it is no different, especially now Carrie has decided that  as the First Family. they should set … Continue reading

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Clutter reset- bank statements

I started my decluttering rampage four years ago, although it soon fizzled out into more like a ramble.    Then I slowed to an amble and eventually it became a shambles.   Rather like the story of Brexit. Take the … Continue reading

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Many A Slipper. Part Two

This post is the sequel to the slipper story in my previous post. So now due to my wife, Mo’s generosity, I am the proud possessor of two identical pairs of suede slippers.     The light tan pair  for … Continue reading

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Many A Slipper.

Two years ago my wife Mo gave me a lovely pair of slippers for Christmas.  It wasn’t the only present she gave me, but it was definitely the one I used the most from then on, because they were so … Continue reading


A Fair Bet ?

Right now everyone in Government is focussed on the two big issues of the day, either Coronapop or Brexit.     Well almost everyone. The Rt Hon Oliver Dowden, the Minister for Digital,Culture, Media And Sport is looking into betting. … Continue reading