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Everyone has to have hundreds of passwords these days. It is the secure thing to do if you want to stop hackers breaking in to your highly confidential everyday chit chat. Or worse still stealing your bank details and ordering … Continue reading


Tiger 🏉

Not that many years ago when you went to a Tigers game all you did was roll up at the turnstiles just before 3 o’clock on a Saturday and pay a few quid in cash to get in. Simple ! … Continue reading


What a ⚽️⚽️⚽️ up!

Time to wake up from hibernation now that Coronapop has just about infected the whole world. How well our politicians did preventing it spreading. Masks, lockdowns, a new rule every day. Testing, tracing, isolating ….unless you are a politician off … Continue reading


Bodj Party

When Bodj first got into political parties, it was because he was interested in the parties, not the politics. The Conservatives seemed like the obvious group to join, because the had the best party’s.. The Bullingdon club was the booziest … Continue reading


Bodj’s New Year Revolution

Prime Minister Bodj has had a hard time of it in the last two Coronapop years. After his great success with Brexit he has slowly slipped down the popularity polls. An ungrateful electorate has lost him two bi-elections and the … Continue reading


Bodj ⚡️Power⚡️

What with all the fuss about Coronapop , people are forgetting about the advancing threat of climate change. Yet days ago we had week long power outages in Scotland. Luckily, our Great Leader, His Excellency, Prime Minister for-the-moment Bodj, is … Continue reading


Bodj 🍔MacBoris🍔

Coronapop has morphed again, spoiling Bodj’s Plans for a happy Christmas. The new South African variant is really getting a hold and risks damaging Boris’s popularity. So he went on tele a made a bold, some say rash, promise to … Continue reading

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Bodj Housing solutions

These days Prime Master, almost King, soon to win a Nobel prize, Bodj has to do all the great thinking about Britain’s future by himself. His Cabinet seem incapable of doing anything to win over voters. They just keep upsetting … Continue reading

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Bodj’s Even Greater Ideas.

There is no stopping him now. His Boris Wall idea has really captured peoples imagination and the Boris paddy fields have gone down a storm, except in Somerset. The Chinese leader is not too happy, because he says they thought … Continue reading


Bodj’s New Rules

Prime Mister Bodj has almost singlehandedly beaten Coronapop. Well almost. Now he is hoping to have the same success in showing the world how to beat climate change. However, he was unable to persuade the other world leaders at the … Continue reading