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MP’s Gravy Train !

It only seems like yesterday that our Honourable Members of Parliament were under fire for fiddling their expenses.   In fact it was several years ago and since then the rules have been tightened and an “Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority … Continue reading

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More Junk Mail Please.

I have written a lot of posts grumbling about junk mail since I started this blog.       ( You can see my earlier posts by clicking on “GrumbleSmiles Post” in the TagCloud). Now in the drawn out days of … Continue reading

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Pangolin WHO?

It is just a few days away from the 10th World Pangolin Day, but should we be celebrating ? Pangolins had a lot of bad press last year when it was rumoured that they might be the super-spreaders of Coronapop. … Continue reading

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If The Cap Fits.

The sports pages lately have been full of stories about football players at risk of getting dementia from heading balls.   Almost half of the 1966 World Cup team have suffered from this dreadful disease. At the same time the … Continue reading

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Geronimo !

What’s the password ? That used to be a key question in my childhood days.   It gained you special access to a secret den  or a select group of friends.    Not everyone new the password,  that was the … Continue reading

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Last weeks post saw the Last Laugh Looney Party proposing to lock every one in the UK in their houses, to combat the spread of Coronapop.   Now because the R number is not coming down fast enough there is … Continue reading

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£1,000 Lock Inn !

Coronapop is still raging around the country, in spite of the Governments second lockdown and Bodj’s Churchillian exhortations on TV to “ Fight the virus on the beaches”.    The trouble seems to be that infected people are still going … Continue reading

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Lost !

I am lost in a WordPress fog. As if Coronapop wasn’t bad enough. What used to be simple yesterday seems to be complicated by an ” upgrade”. It must be something to do with that horrible little symbol that appeared … Continue reading


Alok gets hot seat.

My new old friend Alok Sharma is in the news again.     I haven’t heard from him since November last year.  . ( You can see our exchange in the Archive. ).   He was doing sterling work at the … Continue reading

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Bodj has taken a year to find his stride, but now he has got it all figured out.   Brexit is sorted after a fashion.   A non-detailed Bodj sort of way. For 2021 he has come up with a … Continue reading

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