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Triple lock out

This is a continuation of the Coronapop triplelock story.      Bodj’s first lock down was supposed to last for 3 weeks and then another three weeks, with no remission for good behaviour.        Most people followed the … Continue reading

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Coronapop Koan

Over the grey green grass, Roll the gathering clouds. It only takes a single flower, To lighten even the darkest hour.

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Coronapop Strategy

Coronapop has got us all in a pickle.   Nobody more so than our once bold Prime Minister Bodj.        In January he was riding the crest of a Brexit wave.     He had liberated us from … Continue reading

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Coronapop Rugby 🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉

The Committees of the Rugby Football Union, Premiership Rugby and now World Rugby  have all got themselves in a complete tissy,  trying to react to Coronapop.    For the last few weeks they have continued their delusion that rugby can … Continue reading

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Coronapop News Storm

Once upon a time we were all obsessed with the weather.    Waking up each day to find the forecast in the news, on the hour every hour.    It didn’t really matter if it was accurate, in fact it … Continue reading

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LLLP —-“Rust Bucket Cruise”

At the request of Prime Minister Bodj, the Last Laugh Looney Party is turning its attention to the redistribution of wealth and tax reform, when the Coronapop is finally contained.      This is a huge subject which runs into … Continue reading

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LLLP Climate Change

This is the next crazy idea from the Last Laugh Looney Party for Prime MinisterBodj to consider in response to the Coronapop virus. Every World leader has been pontificating about climate change for years.   Targets have been set with fingers … Continue reading

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Rugby Coronapop Style🏉🏉🏉🏉

Everything is going to have to change as a result of Coronapop.    Even the Old Farts at the Rugby Football Union finally agree with that, although unbelievably they are still planning to finish the 2019/2020 season. They have just … Continue reading

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This post follows on from the LAST LAUGH LOONEY PARTY appointment to  to Prime Minister Bodj’s cabinet of national unity and begins to look at what lessons we should learn from the country’s experience of the Coronapop. Crazy thoughts for crazy … Continue reading

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Last Laugh Loony Lockdown

The Last Laugh Looney Party has returned to power.     Dragged back kicking and screaming from their Brexit success.      Prime Minister Bodj, after his brief illness with Coronapop, has realised that he can’t leave the rest of … Continue reading

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