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Useless Eustace

The Government are beginning to look ahead to the blue sky of the future beyond Coronapop and Brexit.     The land of milk and honey just over the horizon. The first appointed spokesman to bring some cheer to farmers … Continue reading

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Barring Barristers.

Thanks to  Coronapop waiting lists are getting longer and longer.    This is not just in   health care settings, but also in our Courts of Justice.     People are being denied justice which is obviously unjust.    There … Continue reading

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Dear Mr Sharma

Completely out of the blue I received a letter today from a Government Minister.    Not just any old Government Minister, but a Cabinet Minister !   Frequently seen on TV. —-  The Secretary of State for Business Energy And … Continue reading

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My last post was illustrated with this lovely rose called Nostalgia in the final days of autumn.     It will bloom again in the Spring.     What world will it bring ? These are some of the exciting … Continue reading

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Final Flourish.

Autumn is drawing to a close, a few flowers still bring a smile to these wet and windy days.      They have waited all summer-long to wave their good bye. My garden has kept me busy and the flowers … Continue reading

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The Little Things !

In these dark down, tied down, up and down days, it’s the little things that keep you going. the Phillips screwdriver in your hand when your trying to unscrew an old type screw,    Grrrr! the exciting parcel that has … Continue reading

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Covid Vacuum

I am in a Covid vacuum. Coronapop has crowded out all other thoughts. I could turn back to clutter, but Coronapop now is my clutter.   Turn on the tele and it’s all about Coronapop. Open the paper and Coronapop … Continue reading


A Puzzling Day ?

Full up and fed up with Coronapop.    Locked in ☹️     Shielding  or  shielded ? Time for a puzzle to keep my brain alive and free from Coronapop for a while. No point in looking at the news it’s all … Continue reading

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Coronapop Brain Fog

Coronapop is exhausting.    I am tired of it now.     It came from nowhere and in no time at all it’s everywhere. It has replaced the weather as the first daily topic of conversation.    “How many people … Continue reading

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Elderly Commodity—- continued

This is a continuation of my previous post commenting on the Sunday Times Insight investigation into the Government/ NHS handling of the Coronapop crisis. At the beginning they were focused on preventing the NHS from being overwhelmed, which is understandable … Continue reading

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