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Best Before Never

It was only at the end of July that the Last Laugh Looney Party successfully concluded their Brexit negotiations with Mr Junket of  the European Union.  Finally they have agreed to ban all SMALL PRINT. (See my blog in the Archive dated 31st … Continue reading

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LLLP Brexit Negotiations on Small Print

The Brexit negotiations continue to move along with the help of the  Last Laugh Looney Party.      This is my weekly leak, oops sorry, Cabinet communication on the excellent progress our leader Mrs Tezz is making.      Fortunately, … Continue reading

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“Assisted Living”

This is an American term applied to retirement housing, which I have never fully understood.   It tends to be associated with grab rails, hoists, Zimmer frames, mobility scooters and emergency call systems.   That’s all good stuff but it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Smallprint loses trust

Another common theme that I have been writing about regularly since 2010 is the subject of “small print”. This might seem like a relatively significant issue.   However a very high proportion of older people wear glasses and over 50% of them … Continue reading

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“Coke No Joke”

End of a holiday, sitting by the pool, all books read, no English newspapers, soaking up the last of the sun’s rays before leaving for home.  Using up the last can of coke from the oversized, big enough to keep … Continue reading

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Breakfast Exercise “5”

My breakfast struggle with packaging and small print continues! This time, in the unlikely form of a small bottle of lemon juice. Surely that can’t defeat me? All I want is a warm honey and lemon drink to soothe my … Continue reading

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Breakfast Exercise “3”

Breakfast is supposed to set you up for the day but not always in the way you intend.  See my earlier posts on Breakfast Exercise and you will see what I mean (Breakfast Exercise – 6.9.10 and Breakfast Exercise “2” … Continue reading

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Breakfast Exercise 2

This morning I woke up early – 5.45 am, tired and in my natural stupor first thing in the morning.  It’s a time for an autopilot routine – not a time for a challenge.  Still half-asleep – grumpy is my … Continue reading

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“Spectacle wipes”

If ever there was a product that needed to be easy to open it has to be spectacle cleaners.  You would also think that the makers of these would be highly aware that without their glasses, 50% of the elderly can’t … Continue reading

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“I Spy – small print”

“I spy with my little eye” was a fun game when I was a child.  We especially used to play it to pass the time on long journeys with my parents in the car.  No motorways then and roads which … Continue reading

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